Tuesday, February 21, 2006

johnny just built me a new computer and it's so fucking fast it's like it opens the program and webpages before i even knew i wanted them open and it's going to be even cooler when my lcd monitor gets here tomorrow and holy shit do my speakers rock the casbah.

yeah, i skipped class so i could come home and blog about the new cpu.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"you know, not too long ago people like you used to have the decency to die of consumption"
"and people like you would have the decency to not cut people like me in line for the shower"
"happy valentine's day"

bronchitis. it sucks. i totally thought i had strep throat. i can handle that, i can't spell it, but i can deal with it. but johnny was right, bronchitis it is. and as if johnny being right wasn't enough to piss me off, i can't breathe, i can't sleep cause i can't breathe, and quite frankly, consumption is sounding like a pretty great alternative right now. i just need to get a handkerchief to store in my lace-trimmed sleeves. so, actually, i need a handkerchief and lace-trimmed sleeves. i'm on it.

i'm sorry to do so much whining, but from what i hear, i missed out on what seems like it was an awesome weekend. good thing i didn't go to j&a's on friday. nothing says "we won't be inviting you back" like coating a place in germs. and i missed out on superfuntechnonight. btw, h, he wants to sleep with you.

but something good did come out of all of this! i've watched 17 episodes of the "x-files" in the last 3 days. and i've loved every minute of it. i still can't watch "squeeze" though because the thought of a man that can fit through my heating vents just makes me want to cry. in fact, when i was 13 and saw the episode for the first time i was home alone (well, maddie was there, but she was 3 and asleep so she was no help) and then the heat came on and it was clunking and i nearly had a stroke so i called my parents and made them come home and now, 13 years later i still can't watch it but the other episodes are great. oh scully and mulder, it'll be so much fun watching you fall in love and ignore it and then eventually jump the shark. and it's also funny how big cell phones were back then. dude - they look like bricks with hot dogs on the end!

so, in the end, let this be a lesson to you - if you're at a friend's house for a major sporting event that you know nothing about but they have an awesome dvd collection pillage it for all they're worth - you never know when you might be stuck on a couch for an extended weekend.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

so, johnny was at canisius doing a play all day yesterday. before he left, he asked, what are you going to do today? "i don't know - probably homework." "all day?" "sure." well, it's now 2:30 on Sunday and i have yet to do any reading. johnny's still asleep from doing tech until 6:30 AM, and we have to leave soon for a superbowl party, so in effect, i will end up doing my homework tomorrow night when i could be hanging out wth my man. i am a terrible person. but i really just don't want to read any case studies by harvard professors on how successful harvard MBAs are. it's just well, hard on the ego. so, i'm going to go read theonion.com and watch more batman cartoons and eventually wake johnny up so we can go to a fellow bloggers house and watch the good commercials. we are going to watch the bud bowl, right?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

i am the coolest person ever. ya know how i know? i'm 26 and have a corporate credit card. that's right bitches, i have a direct line of credit to nys.