Thursday, May 31, 2007


this is never a good time of year for me. between the humidity and blazing sun i'm constantly paranoid that my hair is about to explode and that i smell bad. i'm managing the hair thing pretty well so far, although this new product has a tendency to make my hair 80s-crunch-tastic. that, however, is still better than having my hair be wider than my shoulders. much better. as far as the stanky-phobia goes - if there's a water shortage in b-lo, blame it on me. sorry.

my cat has recently decided to do her best to return to a life on the streets. the truly frightening thing is that she has no issue with trying it from second story windows. my cat = not smart. i may have to declaw her for her own safety, cause i don't know how much longer the screens can hold her weight.

i'm going to the MASH bash tomorrow, which is most of the reason that i'm home blogging as oppossed to porching at this very moment. i'm looking forward to it - i have no idea what i'm going to wear, but i do know that i will have much fun drinking copious amounts of free wine with alanna. wine makes me utterly ridiculous - more so than usual. want to see what that's like - you know how to reach us.

and the other reason i came home. i'm freaking exhausted. the short weeks are always the killers. plus, tomorrow i have 3 big meetings and rougly 17 bajillion things to teach the two new employees how to do. and i need to start being nice to the annoying one. bah, indeed.


is that french? if it's not, it should be. it's that perfect blend of snotty/emo that screams "je ne sais quoi." but only screams on the inside, like all proper euro trash. mustn't distract from the brightly colored sneakers with loud noises.

so yeah, i'm having one of those days where i feel guilty for being at work. i'm not getting anything done. part of the problem is that i don't actually have anything to do, and the rest of the problem is that i just don't want to. i rarely have this problem at work - i just make myself do it. but right now, all i want to do is go sit outside and get some sun (it's ok, pink looks good on me) and call all my friends and share long distance margaritas. or read alanna's french text books and brush up on my vocab. but, being paid to update my blog - not high on my "want to do" list. going out tonight and celebrating my news from yesterday - top o' the list.

at any rate, i'm really looking forward to this summer and seeing how many times i can drag jess to cozumel in the middle of the day. and staying up much too late drinking far too much and laughing far too loud. and figuring out where i'm going to be living.

oh, btw, i'm opening up the job search to chicago and DC. DC the city, as oppossed to the publisher. so, you gots connections, i've gots resumes.

ok. time to earn my paycheck. i can do this - only 13.75 days left...

Monday, May 28, 2007

good to know

there are few things in life that can't be solved by talking to an old (as in long-time, since this one is younger than me) friend. and if you're talking while munching on a jim's steakout chicken finger sub and drinking a glass of red, it gets that much better that much faster.

i'm nervous about the move. rationally, i know it's going to be fine. it really is. even if i don't have a job or place to live right away, i can always stay with my parents. not ideal, but it could work. so yes, when i use the rational side of my brain i'm totally fine. but it's when i let the unrational (and albeit larger) side of my brain take over i start to freak a bit. this whole "no plan" thing is very new to me and while i'm liking it, it does make me spazz now and again, regardless of how cool i try to play it off.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


i caught my fifth bouquet last night. FIFTH. and the wierd part is, i don't try to catch them, i don't push people out of the way. heck, i don't even really stand near the front. but they always come straight at my head. so i'm not catching them so much as making sure doc fowler's handiwork doesn't get destroyed. at any rate, it's a lovely bunch of blooms and if i hadn't been so annihalated when i got home perhaps i would have put them in water instead of allowing them to shrivel on my coffee table.

speaking of booze - i think it's best to not drink 6 martinis. not due to the alcohol content (pshaw to that), but rather due to the salt. i was so dehydrated this morning that i'm surprized i wasn't all wrinkly. so, from now on, it's a limit of 4 martinis and then tonics the rest of the night. also, scotch tastes like ass and i'd always prefer to pay for top shelf then drink free well. cause ya know, i make a bajillion dollars a minute.

i made a new friend yesterday! her name is kim. everyone, say hi to kim! kim's fun and always ready to do shots. she also spits when she's drunk and trying to make a point, which makes me feel better for spilling my water. two sloppy drunks are better than one!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

but i don't have anything to wear!

i'm going to a wedding on saturday. if you'd like to be my date (you lucky, lucky man/woman) i need to konw by 4:30 PM on thursday. your meal choices are filet mignon, chicken or shrimp. i'd like it if you ordered the shrimp so we could each have mini surf and turfs.

oh, and the open bar is strictly top shelf. now stop drooling. that's not becoming on a would-be date.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

i'll link to that!

as some of you may have been forced to hear about, i have been obsessed for the last 7 months with finding a pair of grass green, patent leather, open toe heels. in my size. apparently, these don't exist. i got really close at shoe fly last week, but they were more of a shamrock green, than a grass green. i was going to go for it, for $40 who could beat it, but apparently i needed midget feet. so, a no go.

(as an aside, i apparently named my cat after one of my favorite shades of green. who knew?!)

so, i became desperate. i've searched google. and piperlime (where the good shoes start at $300). and more google. and then some zappos. then i remembered i tried a pair on at aldo. they sorta made my toes look funny, but hey, i'm desperate! and i figured they'd have more. well, they did. i still wasn't able to get the perfect shoe, but it came close in orange. which is fine, as the color was still a bit too jungle green for my taste. and then i got this. combined, they would make one fan-fucking-tastic shoe. for now, i'll settle for two.

Friday, May 11, 2007

color me pleasently surprised

i managed a "b" in that last class. guess i really am smrt after all.

btw, i'm thinking pleasently surprised is periwinkle in color.

2 things before bed

to the girl i saw crying in the bathroom cause her boyfriend dumped her during exam week - your friend was doing a pretty good job telling you what you needed to hear but what she didn't say, and i should have, is this - any guy who dumps you during exam week isn't worth it. no, really. he's not the one, he isn't making a mistake, you can't convince him otherwise and it truly does suck, but if you want to find someone who doesn't make you cry and feel small you need to a) realize you deserve better, b) take the final and c) remember that you deserve better. now blow your nose, you're getting boogery.

the movie i was thinking of is "the remains of the day" and it does not have daniel day lewis in it. however, it does have superman in it, so i'm sure everyone will still want to watch it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

gabsosteel, mba*

as of 8:27 last night i am officially free (FREE!) from school. i did the run-skip of true glee out of alfiero, neveer to return. the fast paced texting of "i'm done - who wants to party?!" quickly followed.

in all honesty, i didn't feel any different until a couple hours ago, when i was lamenting all the stuff i'd have to do when i got home from work. and then it hit me. i have nothing to do when i get home! this is f-ing awesome.

oh - just in case you haven't heard - saturday's festivities have been moved to prespers (aka prespa). still scheduled to start promptly around 9:30ish.

*providing i passed the final. although, even if i fail the final i can still pass the class, but that just feels like cheating. not that i'd complain, no siree. d is for diploma, all the way.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

couldn't resist

superhero quiz

i got two questions wrong (but they were on marvel so it matters not) and i'm apparently smarter than dr. doom. hurray!

(i have to say though, that i do enjoy answer b for the green lantern question. if i was a superhero, i'm sure that would be how i got my power.)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

no excuses

even though i got burned yesterday and probably should stay out of the sun today, i still find it to be cruel and almost unbearable to have to stay inside and write a paper today. i could go and take my neighbor her junk mail that was mistakenly delivered to me, but that would just be a tease and make it even harder to go inside and stay there.

Friday, May 04, 2007

i found my phone!

thank god, i was starting to freak out about that. how would i find out when it was time to drink/hangout/gossip if i didn't have a phone for people to tell me? but, i learned my lesson. a purse with 10 pockets ten-tuples the chances of misplacement. and "doh!"-ishness.

so, i'm looking forward to this weekend. some good ol' pony racing and mexican holidays. i'm sure they'll go great together. and since we're starting drinking at 2 pm i'll be home in bed early enough to rest up for a day of writing a paper and studying for an exam on sunday. good times.

oh, so i graduate on saturday. johnny's coming in on friday but i may be selfish and not share him that night. but on saturday i think we should all go to mother's and get sloppy. or watch me get sloppy, whichever you prefer. we'll probably get there around 8ish but need to eat, so if you want to join us for food call my newly found phone, or we'll see you anytime after that.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

11 days to go...

i just tried on my cap and gown. it was... wierd. and those hoods are just a pain. i really think the sole purpose of the hood is to remind you that no matter how many degrees you get, you will always feel like a fool trying to "turn the hood inside out" whilst wearing it.

oh, this is kinda fun. not as much fun as the real thing, but it's a good way to pass a commercial break.