Saturday, March 29, 2008

this shit is dope

is it just me, or is "weeds" the best show ever? i get home at 6 PM and decide to check out the pilot while i eat some sushi and the next thing i know, it's damn near tomorrow. wacky.

and on to season two...

Friday, March 14, 2008

blast from the past

here's my closest post to one year ago. looks like i had a really great time on st. patty's eve. apparently, i also decided to wear green for a week straight and planned on doing it for 17 days this year. whoops.

BufBloPoFo has been a ton of fun. i love bloggng. blog, blog, bloggity, bloggy blog. i think i'm going to try and see how long i can keep daily posts up for. considering my abyssmal failure over here, i strongly urge you to not keep your hopes up.

file this under "why dolphins are super."

and file this under "bad idea": i saw a woman wearing really tight white pants. then i noticed they were, tight, white and not entirely opaque. i thought they were stained. instead, i was looking at her ass-tat. ass-tat is now my new favorite swear word.

lastly, please file this under "great news": my interview went so well they're bringing me back for seconds. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

ode to my abode

i am in love with my apartment. i just rearranged some stuff and i don't know if i tapped some previously unused feng shui, but i just feel happier and can't stop looking at my handiwork. speaking of handiwork, i haven't yet tried the drapery rod suggestion that was kindly left for me. but the fact that a stranger was willing to help another stranger, namely me, is a pretty cool and very nice thing that deserves mentioning.

ya know, maybe the reason i'm so darn happy today is because it was 60 degrees out and i didn't wear a jacket outside. what up now, b-lo?

congrats to bob for guess/deducing correctly - the iPod's true owner is indeed johnny. although, with all of the reel big fish on there, it could just as easily have been bob's. and the pokemon songs might have made you think it was my sister's. when she was 8.

the shows i'm missing most are "life" and "pushing daisies." they're really good, in ways i can't describe. and i'm afraid to find out if "scrubs" is really done or not. cause then i would miss it too. oh, and i need to see more of pam and jim being cute together.

so, i have this interview tomorrow (everyone, please cross your fingers and think nice thoughts at 11:30 AM CST) for a job i really want, but i'm too excited about seeing a river get dyed green on saturday to properly prepare for my interview. this should've gone on the list yesterday, but i love st. patty's day a whole lot. it's my favorite holiday. there's no stress of buying presents, all i have to do is wear my favorite color and drink beer. a lot of beer. a lot of green beer. and shots. i like shots. so yeah, i can't begin to tell you how excited i am to celebrate my favorite holiday in my new city, and then celebrate the completion of BufBloPoFo, which is sure to become my second favorite holiday. as long as i can still wear green. and drink beer.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

top 10

wowzers, something about me that's unique to me and only me that no one else knows about me? that's a tough one. i'm pretty much an open book and even my existential crises are pretty run of the mill. i guess we'll have to settle for stuff that most people don't know.

  1. i learned how to read when i was 2. i wasn't as gifted as this kid, but i guess it was still pretty shocking for my mom to see her adorable little toddler toddle up to her pointing at a "bad" word in a book and asking her what it meant. suddenly, no more bad books in the house.
  2. if you get me really, really "i should be dead" drunk, i'll spontaneously remember all the french that i learned before english and start speaking it without realizing it.
  3. when i was 9 i was in a mock commercial audition for my mom's friends who wanted to work on HBO. when i was 19, i was the PA for a mock commercial audition for for my boss' friends who wanted to work on HBO.
  4. my favorite swear word is fuck cause it can be used as an adjective, adverb, verb and if you're really creative, noun! i love versatile things.
  5. i think crab is way better than lobster. in fact, lobster is a waste of perfectly good butter.
  6. i don't like butter.
  7. i named my cat after my favorite supervillain.
  8. i have a favorite supervillain.
  9. i haven't bought a new pair of shoes since december and it's goddamn near killing me.
  10. i don't own a TV and watch everything on my computer. works out much better than i expected it to.
  11. i'm really glad i moved to chicago. :)
hey - you even got a bonus one!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

cause for celebration!

  1. i made a friend!
  2. i found a place that makes pretty darn good buffalo wings.
  3. my tank is all set up, the water cleared up and the weather warmed up so i can bring home some fishies!
  4. netflix has all of "buffy" for my viewing pleasure.
  5. i have real job interviews this week and next. one with a CEO. kick ass.
  6. i'm eating a sammich made out of bologna with a first name.

Monday, March 10, 2008

close enough for government work

i've decided to take a different approach to my job hunting - get in on the government work. now that i can provide proof of residence in the city of chicago (as oppossed to the village?) i applied to a slew of city jobs. including, assistant commissioner of communiations to the department of the environment. hey, technically, i am qualified. and i would love nothing more than to plan parties to bring about the awareness of the environment to my new neighbors.

you see, i'm a bit of a hippee. i bathe everyday and like my clothes hemp free, but i really want to clean the oceans and save the rainforests and do some other stuff too, but i'm lazy. and that's why i throw out my pop bottles and have given up on tryng to find someone to take my moving boxes away and reuse them - they're all going to landfills. i guess if i had a desk job saving the environment, it would help now me come to terms with high school me, the me that spearheaded the recycling at hamburg high and was going to live on a greenpeace boat. i looked into the boat thing, they don't really like my kind. apparently, you have to be strong and healthy and a really good swimmer and not be uni-lingual.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

hometown pride

i love buffalo. sure, it's got its faults, but it's pretty awesome too. i wish i would have spent more time doing the awesome stuff instead of complaining about the stuff that doesn't matter. and i can't believe i never made it to the carousel museum. wtf x a bajilliony on that one. i was craving mighty taco something fierce today, cause it's the bestest thing to eat after drinking til 5 AM (oh hells yeah, we found a bar that knows how to rock it. not that i remember where it was or it's name). but i do have to say, there is a ton of awesome mexican food all over the dang place. but sometimes you just really want the fake stuff.

i have a ton of favorite buffalo memories, things that i think could only happen in a mid-size city in the snowbelt. i think they need to be told in person as i kinda stink at story recounting in the written form, but one of my favorites was after a very large snowstorm while i still lived on franklin, with johnny and greg upstairs and desi's next door (how did we ever manage to make it to work?). RIP desi's. moving on, we were all drinking at desi's, most likely playing darts and in general, loving life. i decided to call it an early night (by leaving at 3:30 am) and while walking across the parking lot there was a beautiful, thick, pristine layer of snow. so i did what any normal person would do when the snow is thick enough to cover the hyperdermic needles and rubber gloves. i laid down and made a snow angel. and went to bed giggling like a little kid.

i just finished watching "beowulf." they really made kids read that in high school? really? maybe it's better in print. i feel bad for the queen, she just keeps getting passed around to men who sleep with demons. why couldn't they just find a gay king? he could be all like, "look, you're just not my type. maybe if you looked like brad pitt we could strike a deal, but i'm just gonna head home and find a cute slave instead. bye!"

funny that this ties in with the official topic for tomorrow, as i really did have a random question for anyone who felt like answering/commenting. how long does it take you to write a post? cause it takes me damn near forevers. i generally spend about 90 minutes thinking about it earlier in the day or the night before, then 45 minutes before i actually start typing. and the typing part can take anywhere from 20 to 55 minutes. my posts go through more drafts than my senior year thesis, which i'm sure says a lot about my priorities, and it's all true. just wondering if i'm the only one who spends half their waking hours posting, or if the rest of you are speedy literary genuises.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

free beer!

the only music i listen to is on my iPod. i have a subscription to rhapsody, but haven't turned it on in months, so i'm really just a patron of the arts, as oppossed to some one who appreciates and experiences them. maybe someday i'll be both.

the thing is, it's not really my iPod. i have it on indefinite loan. i think. and the person who truly owns it has a much different taste in music than i do. so, to be fair, the earbuds often act only as earplugs while i try to find a song i like. the other day was awesome (but not the day we were suppossed to mention everything that went right) because of the first 63 songs i liked more than half of them! i will list for you the first 10 songs that show up on the iPod, and if you're the first to guess who the true, rightful owner of this iPod is, i'll buy you a beer. and if you can find the thingy that lets me hook up the iPod to my computer so i can listen to some goddamn NIN on my way to a job interview, i'll buy you all the beer you can drink in one night!
  1. "ice ice baby" - vanilla ice
  2. "pac man" (techno version) - no clue
  3. "tank!" - cowboy bebop
  4. "breakfast at tiffany's" - deep blue something
  5. "victory rap" - parappa the rappa
  6. "flagpole sitta" - harvey danger
  7. "the sounds of science" - beastie boys
  8. "tetris theme" - less than jake
  9. "gin & juice" - phish
  10. "baby got back" - sir mix-a-lot
  11. "poison" - bel biv devoe
i had to throw number 11 in there for the fun of it. and now i'm going to spend the rest of this post listening to it. i'm really glad nothing obvious showed up, that would sorta take all the fun out of it. trust me, it gets much worse. once i have a winner i'll be sure to post some real gems.

and remember - never trust a big butt and a smile. i'm gonna go turn rhapsody on now.

Friday, March 07, 2008

you've lost me

what the f is up with you, "lost?" you kill charlie, show a bunch of future stuff, and now you spend all your time showing juliet's smug face? i hate her, and i hate you for giving her screentime. wah.

i was suppossed to go to a social tonight with the cult, but decided that it would be more fun instead to perform home improvements (fun isn't really the right word. i just didn't feel like drinking. it's so weird. i hope you'll still be friends with me).! first i was going to change the bulb in my bedroom light fixture. it's no biggie, i did it about a month ago (hey - i've been here for over a month! who lost money on that one?) and you just unsrew the bottom part and the shade - OMG THE ENTIRE LIGHT FIXTURE IS HANGING BY WIRES! ... ... i'm sure that'll be fine until tomorrow.

then i went to target. the target by me puts all other targets to shame. when you come visit me, i think i'll have to take you there. seriously. i bought a drapery rod, among other things, but i'm really just going to focus on the item essential to our story. i was in need of a drapery rod because i have curtains, ahem, drapes that match my comforter. i've never hung these drapes because when i lived in the purple house there were 3 bedroom windows and one set of drapes and when i lived in the other house i just didn't care and now i live here. so at 10:30 PM CST, i stood on my spinning office chair and attempted to drill a hole to hang the mounting hardware that would eventually hold the drapery rod from which my drapes would be all flowy and pretty. yeah, didn't quite work out. turns out, my exterior walls (the ones the windows are in) are solid concrete. or my screw gun sucks. either way, it took 20 minutes to make a puff of dust. i'm not quite sure what to do about this yet.

there's not much stuff in my bag that's unusual. i have an old school/classic/original iPod mini. a whole lotta resumes. i'm also carrying around my passport as it counts as two forms of ID for the I-9. i've also got a map of the trains in all their pretty colors in my bag, but i haven't had to use that in days (i had to take the blue line, cut me some slack). i also have some hand sanitizer ... ... that's been leaking all over a highlighter and a bobbypin. thanks BufBloPoFo - i never would have dug around in my bag and found that if it wasn't for you!

i have to go wash my hands now. they're covered in hand sanitizer.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

that was fun!

i didn't make any new life-long friends last night, but i didn't expect to either. i just wanted to have some fun and play some board games and converse with human beings. mission accomplished. with flare, i might add. however, i am finding it kind of odd that everyone keeps telling me that i need to go to "smut & eggs", which is when they make breakfast at midnight and watch 70's porn. don't get me wrong, i think that sounds awesome, i just don't know why everyone else assumes i think it's awesome. at any rate, i'm going to wait until i've at least made some month-long friends. that way i'll have someone to critique with. and someone to tell me what moves are to be done often or "not to be tried at home, ever." in case i forgot. cause i haven't had sex in a while. shut up.

i've had a few FI (fake interviews) this week that i feel pretty good about. they're less fake (LFI) because one of the recruiter firms searched me out (i was head hunted - woo hoo!) and the other firm specializes in HR, so that's cool. and i have a slew of calls to return tomorrow. couldn't do it today, i was too busy getting a facial, massage and shopping. i lead a hard life.

i watched every cartoon ever as a kid. i still love cartoons. that makes sense. but comic books had a way bigger hold on me. i loved to read (still do) and i loved cartoons and i LOVED the fact that they combined the two. my mom knew i loved the books but was terrified of the coin dealer who happened to sell some comic books in the corner and glared at you every time you walked in, so she would get me subscriptions for christmas (it worked better in those days). props to johnny for reminding me that i was no longer 8 and any comic book shopkeeper would be happy to see me.

and now i'm a lazy comic book shop reviewer! what an impact batman has had on me. first i rocked the sexy librarian look a la barbara gordon, and now i only date guys who have shark repellent on their belt. i'm sure that's normal.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

in a rush

my biggest pet peeve doesn't exist anymore. it used to be "people who don't understand that you stand on the right of an escalator if you're standing, so that people on the left can walk/jog up the escalator and escape your crappy perfume that much faster." chicagoians understand this. so do new yorkers and DCers and parisians. london gets it too, but they do it the opposite way. it's always opposite day on that island.

i'm not going to talk about the other things that annoy me. the list is way too long and i don't have that kinda time today.

i tried an experiment last night. i drugged myself (completely legally, with prescription drugs) so that i would go to bed at a normal time. then, i got up at a more normal, but still not completely normal, time. i think after a few more days of this i'll be ready to ruin all my hard work by the weekend.

tonight is my first event with the social club. i'm pretty sure it's not a cult. at least, not the kinda cult that says you have to die to have everlasting life. i'm pretty sure this is the kinda cult that says you have to drink to have everlasting fun. sign me up! oh wait, i'm already signed up. game night is the theme tonight. i love board games. i really need to get in at the monopoly table and kick some ass. i'm sure that'll endear me to everyone.

and in honor of our tireless leader:

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

my clothes are famous

i have no idea who should play me in a movie. definitely not me. i would be much better suited for being the key grip or maybe in charge of craft services. but certainly not acting. best to leave that to the pros. take my clothes for instance, they are awesome at acting. i recently saw my favorite skirt in the movie "the ten." a movie so terrible that i refuse to link to it. but hey, we all got to start somewhere. a much loved cardigan of mine got a start as a cameo on "the office." off to a much better start.

i can't believe i was horrified by "the office" at first. i guess it was the HR jerk in me just constantly freaking out over michael scott's antics. so glad i got over that.

i'm watching "logan's run." man, this movie is messed up. i'm not going to link to this movie cause it's too soon to tell if it's worth linking to yet. although, the costumes are pretty choice.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

catching up

if i'm going to properly join BufBloPoFo, i guess i should comment on the topics that have been recommended to us:

1. i got my first blog in january 2003 at easyjournal. in july i switched to livejournal cause all my friends in nyc were doing it and easyjournal was sorta lame. then i stopped using livejournal in august 2005 cause some jerks were reading it and making mean comments. but i missed blogging so i joined blogspot in december 2005 cause all my buffalo friends were doing it. i chose this theme cause i love polka dots. i'm pretty straightforward like that.

2. i talked about my best gift ever over here, but to sum up, the best gift i ever got was a scrapbook that my sister made for me. most thoughtful gift ever. that kid rocks.

i am the laziest person i know. you would think that with all this spare time i have that i would be doing all kinds of crazy things. nope. us lazy people are just as content to sit around in our jammies and surf the web. which is not why i moved to chicago. it's not like the web is any different out here than it is in buffalo. the real problem is that i don't have a job and i've fallen victim to classic unemployment syndrome. i have no schedule and sad to say, no motivation to make one for myself. cleaning day used to be sunday. now it's saturday, sunday or monday. craziness! so, to compromise with myself (since i'm not going to get up at 7 everyday for no reason) i'm going to do something (anything) everyday. because really, my office chair is way too comfy for my own good.

so today i went to a comic book store (you know where you can read about it) and then i went to see "vantage point." i had a really good vantage point for this movie, middle, no one in front of me. so let me tell you my view: it's terrible. poorly executed and the acting was nothing spectacular either. they even made the 'splosions boring!

i also saw a woman walking her cat outside. the cat seemed to like it a lot (for reals!) which made it seem less strange. i would give that a try with my cat, but she's even lazier than i am. i at least enjoy walking once i'm off my butt, but ol' harls only walks to find a comfier place to lay down. or to meow in my face to prove her continued displeasure with her diet kitty food. too bad she can't meow at me when i'm outta da hizz-ouse!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

dear diary

i gots a present in the mail today! and i didn't even have to order it myself. seems UB feels so bad about continually screwing up my diploma that they mailed me a key chain, leather-bound notepad and an ugly polo shirt. it's the thought that counts. i'd sorta prefer if they thought about sending me my 1098-Ts, but it's nice to send me presents too.

let's see, what have i been up to. i subscribed to netflix! and then to take advantage of that subscription i bought an external dvd-rom and some RAM. and then i installed them. it required minimal arguing with the computer, once we agreed to disagree as to whether or not the second RAM slot should work. and now i watch all kinds of movies. some instantly due to the bountifulness of netflix. and i'm also watching "the office" right now. never seen it before. and i can honestly say, i would rather stay unemployed than work with michael or dwight. of course, if jim was there, i might put up with it. for a day. but i do love office olympics! one time, when i was very very young and the only other person in the office was also very very young we raced in our office chairs. i don't remember who won, probably no one as we were too busy laughing. if i woulda known that b a start was cool instead of scary back then, maybe we woulda asked him to play too. or maybe not. he has really long legs and woulda kicked our butts.

so i've had some quasi-interviews. i call them quasi- cause they're with headhunters and search firms, not with people who are actually going to pay me. but i've gotten pretty good at not being modest. at the last QI i think i told the interviewer that if she can't find me a job, she's an embarrassment to her profession. except i said it really nice and then we talked about shoes so she still loved me. and i had a phone interview today. today! on a saturday! strange. sadly, PIs don't count either in my book.

since it would seem that the "make friends by getting a job" tactic isn't going to pan out soon enough for my tastes, i've decided to take the "buy your friends" tactic. i joined a social club. these better be some pretty good friends cause they don't come cheap. but i think it'll be a ton of fun. especially the part where i get to go hang-gliding and snorkeling and rock climbing and white-water rafting. and did i mention the pub crawls? yeah, apparently you have to like to drink in order to join this club. did i mention that you get to come too when you're in town? i think this will work out quite nicely...

oh, and i went back to school on thursday! i'm working on my second MBA, courtesy of goose island brewers. only this time around, it's a master's in beer appreciation. for every 10 different beers i try, i get a 64oz jug of beer to take home. 35 beers and i get a shirt and my name on a plaque. and every time i order a beer after that, it's served in a special MBA glass.

i've been super tired lately. i think it's cause i'm drinking far less dr. pepper than i used to. i don't know why, but it just doesn't taste as good as it used to (sacrilege, i know). hopefully, i'll learn to survive without soon. no one likes a sleepy rock-climber.