Saturday, February 24, 2007

anyone else?

ya know when you go to a new doctor and they have you fill out a questionnaire? for the question "do you consume alcohol regularly?" does anyone else have a strict policy of deny, deny, deny?

at any rate, it's possible that a cure for my constant sinus and ear infections has finally been found. it's a septoplasty, and i don't think i'll be opting to have a free rhinoplasty thrown in. i'm pretty happy with the outside of my nose, and i'll like the inside once it starts working.

all in all, i'm pretty excited about this. i'll admit to being somewhat nervous after i found out that this isn't an "easy peasy" surgery since you're automatically prescribed vicodin, which, in my opinion is a little hardcore. why not just give me some oxycotin and call it a day? but, if two weeks of pain/minor drug dependency is what it takes to become a healthy nose breather instead of a sickly mouth breather - i'm all for it. just so long as it can wait til after st. paddy's day.

Monday, February 12, 2007


9 days until my last presentation
18 days until the big event
22 days until my last midterm
32 days til my second favorite holiday
75 days til maddie's legal
76 days til i beat up greg
78 days til my last final
88 days until i graduate (yikes!)
93 days til freedom
95 days til the cookout in hamburg (i think my parents agreed)
97 (or so) days til i leave for europe
107 days til my lease is up - i'll take care of that before i leave the states

i like to have things to look forward to. :)