Wednesday, May 28, 2008


say you're home sick. your fever finally broke but you're still slightly delirious and have a credit card with a high enough limit to buy a car and you don't have to pay interest for 6 months, and by making these purchases you earn free flights on southwest, which you love, cause it doesn't matter where you sit - the germs will always find you. what would you buy? me? oh, it's a fairly boring list. but since you asked...
  • a 60" LCD HD TV. i got to watch TV on a TV this weekend, and i gots to say, it was mighty nice.
  • a DVD player. so i can watch buffy kick some majorly large ass.
  • wireless surround sound. wires are a pain to deal with.
  • a wii. and the fit part too. apparently all of the available ones are in canada, and they're $100 cheaper there too.
  • more shoes.
i don't really know why i'd buy more shoes. after i buy all that other stuff it's not like i'll ever leave my apartment. i guess people could see my shoes when they come over, but i'm all about being barefoot in my diggs.

if you're wondering why i didn't add "laptop" to my list of techno-fun, it's cause i just scored one from work. it's not the best lappy ever, but it'll get the job done. yippee!

and now, if you'll excuse me, i need to go peruse consumer reports and see who will give me the most HD-WOW! for my numerous bucks.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


lots of people recently graduated. i don't know most of them, but congrats anyway! and for those of you who graduated and invited me to your party, double congrats!! sorry i moved away and can't attend most of them. i have no doubt they'll still be a blast.

which reminds me, i went to one yesterday. someone's now a law grad! and i mentioned to someone who was a law grad a few years back that i thought about going to law school but then realized it meant that i would have to go to law school. and while i was shuddering from the idea of having to spend more time skipping clases, i also realized that while imitation is the highest form of flattery, too much is just creepy.

and so, i present to you, all the ways in which i am apparently trying to become a garvey when i grow up (in no particular order).

- hurray for saturday morning cartoons!
- comics are awesome too!
- play volleyball in iroquois high school's gym
- misspell iraquois (i'm assuming)
- join LT
- hang out in B1
- ohmygod, i'm so drunk
- repeat
- art with fr. tunney
- briefly visit albany
- live with johnny
- graduate from canisius
- go to bidness school
- oh 44, you're awesome
- woo hoo, i have an MBA!
- move to chicago
- eat so much pizza
- take the L in the wrong direction (that's just me? damn)
- blog for the masses

all that's left is to marry a battaglia and have cute babies. best to stop before this just gets crazy.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

i know you don't live here...

but click the button and vote for me anyway!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

fo' shizzle!

i love tiffany's. always have. it's so sleek and classy and pretty. but i can't afford it. sure, i could buy one or two things, but that's what i said about the graphic novels. you understand my fear. so, a good friend and i decided we would open Tiphz. All the designs you love - at affordable prices! heavy duty tin foil will cover only the sturdiest plastic. and for that extra glimmer, bits of broken bottles. i think we'll make it big.

i am so excited to be coming home in one week, one day and 2 hours! we can talk about how awesome buffy is, and our new jobs and make fun of each other. it'll be so great. :)

i went to a new doc last week, just to get set up in my non-HMO world (i know, i'm living the sweet life now) and she asked if i was planning on having any babies anytime soon. i said, no, not likely, at which point she said, "you're 28! you better get started if you want them!" then she left the room. i stole the magazine i was reading. and yes, it did make me feel better.

i'm sorry for the lameness of this post. i am so sleepy. but soon you'll have all my lameness in person, so, don't be sad.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


buffy has a sister?! a sister who grows up to star in "eurotrip"?

i can dig it.

Monday, May 05, 2008

happy anniversary!

just in case there was any confusion, i am actually quite happy. oh sure, i get a little frowny cause i miss all you fantastic people, but i still love chicago and am so glad i moved here! moved here 3 months ago today, in fact! i am celebrating by not doing a dang thing. :) well, that's not entirely true. i'm going to plan on putting my laundry away but probably not. even though i should since tomorrow i'm going to some special showing of this famous underwater photographers' famous photos/films. i hope yo la tengo shows up.

so, who lost bets now that i hit 3 months? :)

on a completely unrelated note that will only be of interest to a few of you - all natural pine litter is really the way to go. it doesn't get tracked all over the place, and if you leave it near a nightlight it'll get hot and smell like campfire. oh, and it's cheap. seriously, it's good stuff.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

still can't remember what i was going to write about the other day

i always get a little melancholy after my guests leave; and by always i mean both times. i enjoy my solitary time, but i don't like it. it's not normal for humans to be alone, we're meant to be surrounded by others, so while i enjoy quiet nights with harlee and the fishies, i don't like them cause i know too much of it will end poorly.

i'm reading this book* that after 20 pages makes me want to amazon (i just made it a verb) everything the author has ever written and then, on page 29, my heart leaped into my throat and stayed there for a good long time. i suddenly realized that i don't want to be "one of those people who [are] never fully present in their own lives." and that's exactly what i was afraid of becoming without knowing it. granted, i was there, but not entirely. i sorta just let things happen to me and never really put much effort into change. always reactionary, never actionary (i'm making up all kinds of new words today!) and i knew if i kept on that path, it would lead to a very unenjoyable realization one day, perhaps when it was too late to do anything about it. back in the day, as i sleepwalked my way to old main, this kid used to shout "wake up!" to me at least once a week. i think i'm finally picking up what he was laying down.

but taking life by the reins hasn't been all fun and games either. i used to have dreams where i failed business school maybe once every two weeks. then i had dreams i didn't move twice a week. now i'm having dreams that i'll never find a job five nights a week. the strange thing is, i have these dreams after i've already graduated, moved and started to like my job. i wake up shaking, only to realize i did succeed, so why do my dreams keep telling me i've failed? i know i tend to beat myself up; i search for approval and acceptance in others cause i rarely find it in myself, and there's no reason. i don't really know what this means other than to say, i gots mad issues. when i'm not blogging or watching network prime time a day after everyone else, i generally tend to analyze the past and try to determine the future. i don't really live in the present. which is pretty lame on my part, but not so lame that i'm going to use that lame, "now is a gift, that's why they call it a present" quote. even though i just did. dang it.

so, yeah, that's where my head's out, for now, i guess. but i'm working on that. right after i do some cleaning. because my living quarters need to be clean now, as opposed to in the far, distant and uncertain but that's totally fine, future.

* i tend to read a lot know that i have a library across the street from me and i don't have a TV and there's only so much network stuff i can watch. and this book reminds me of the movie "closer" which i really would have like to see as a play since that's what it originally was. but, anyway, siri hustvedt wrote "what i loved" and i'm really strongly in like with it.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


i just completely lost my train of thought. we'll try this again tomorrow.