Tuesday, December 16, 2008

new favorite hobby

i love googling missed calls that don't leave messages. although, sometimes, the results are shocking.

i just missed a call from curves.

it's like they knew, that for the briefest of moments today, i thought about joining in a manner that was slightly less sarcastic than usual.

well, there's no way i'm joining their creepy, telepathic gym now. that'll teach 'em.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

resting on my laurels

haven't felt much of a need to blog ever since the humanist finally came to his senses and realized i am the better blogger. but really, trying to compare him and i is like trying to compare stephen king and jane austen; except that i'm not sure i'd really want to be either of those. i guess it'd be safer to say that we're like the proverbial apple and orange: both terrific, just depends on what you have a taste for.

i had a whole bunch of stuff to talk about, but i've completely forgot what all of it was over the last month. sorry 'bout that.

i'll do better next time, former scouts honor.