Sunday, February 24, 2008

have no fear

the gabsosteel blog is not going anywhere. at least not the blogspot one. the livejournal and easyjournal blogs, well, those have long since been laid to rest.

i will do my best to keep up both blogs - and at least one of them for a straight 14 days come march 1! i really REALLY want the subscription girl blog to stick. but i have to admit, my first outing was such a success, i sorta want to ride those laurels for the rest of my life. but, i'll go back in the field. unfortunately, for other residents of chicago who love comics, i'm probably going to do most of it during the day, instead of being a particpating member of the workforce. which kinda makes me wonder what i'm going to do once i start contributing to the economy again. eh, we can deal with that later.

i don't know why planes don't want me to fly to chicago anymore, but my flight on friday was 3 hours late. i'll be sure to check my flight's departure time before i depart for the flight from now on. at least i had a sorta decent book. but when i did get home there was a present waiting for me - my diploma! i only graduated 9 months ago so i was definitely psyched to get it. even though i should've gone straight to bed as it was now after midnight, i ripped the packaging off the frame i bought for it and then opened the envelope. they spelled my name wrong. but, seeing as how it could be another bajillion months before i get a new diploma, i decided to frame and hang it anyway. it looks good.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

rock on

coming home has done me wonders. not only have i been suitably reminded of what it's like to talk to humans, but i feel ready to go back and tackle chicago. i, ladies and gentlemen, now have a plan. lucky for me (and you?) it involves copious amounts of blogging. over here though. and unlike my other blog (don't click the link!) project, i think i'll keep up on this one. although, we are coming up on the first anniversary of my functioning nose, so maybe i'll finish that blog up in commemoration.

one question, to participate in BufBloPoFo, do i have to blog daily in each blog, or can i just pick one for the day?

oh, and if you have any suggestions on how i can make subscription girl famous faster (or her website less craptacular looking) i promise to give you shoutouts when i'm, i mean she's, famous.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

hey buffalo!

oh, i missed you. for all your faults, you are a city that knows what's up. if it's cold, there should also be snow. otherwise it's just a waste of the cold. and your drinks are cheap. and your people are really, supremely good at giving pep talks. although they suck at making bets. but that's really more of an endearing quality than a negative thing.

i realize i was only gone for two weeks (almost to the hour), but i really needed to visit. and not just cause my papa was thoughtful enough to have surgery while a friend of mine was turning an important age, but cause i just needed to know that i was still capable of having a conversation with a human, and not just my cat. cause for a while there, i was really worried that harlee was going to start talking back. in english.

but all in all, it's really comforting to know how much has stayed the same while everything is different. it just gives me a warm, mushy feeling in my belly to know that i can come home again. or maybe that's just my morning tea.

Monday, February 18, 2008

if you don't have anything nice to say...

...then just post some lame pictures and piss and moan about it anyway.

remember when i used to blog? there was a time when i would have been the first to sign up for the BufBloPoFo, but i don't really have anything to write about. at least, nothing you'd want to read.

might as well get this out of the way. i am the worst possible person to send off to a new city by herself. oh sure, it was lots of fun to play tabletop shuffleboard with the cute guy, but umm, that's all i got. seriously. yes, i know i should just go to a bar and make some random friends like i usually do, but in all honesty, i am so incredibly lonely that even if i felt like going to a bar alone, everyone would take one look at me and then quickly look away from my pathetic visage, and then i would become even more pathetic because i would be stuck drinking at a bar alone. very alone. so alone that the bartender doesn't know my 4 favorite drinks and no one's gonna show up anytime soon, regardless of how much texting i do. that's really alone.

so, now you know my big life secret. i'm really shy when i'm not around my friends. if you find that shocking - think of it this way: have you ever seen me when i'm not with my friends? kinda hard to do if you are one and lack the necessary spy equipment, huh? there, that's finally off my chest. thanks, i feel a lot better now. except for the part where i'm still surrounded by 4 million strangers.

"then go see the sights!" you may say. allow me to counter: i've already visited all of the attractions that i have even the mildest interest in, except for the modern art galleries, which are really only fun if i have someone to make fun of them with. speaking of which, i can't believe i never made it to the guggenheim in nyc. bollocks.* i was going to go to this, but then it was 45 degrees out - and who wants to look at a bunch of ice when it's too hot out for gloves?!

so, i apologize in advance, but when i come home, i'm not going to have any tales of chicago-related awesomeness to regale you with (other than indoor shuffleboard and leona's lasagna). we're just going to have to resort to our old standards: why french vodka is the best, how cool batman is, why i can never have too many shoes and surveying the women folk on how many beauty products they don't realize they have. on the plus side, i have now seen every bloody episode of "lost;" so we can totally add how much i hate juliet and miss charlie to our repertoire.

*in case you were curious, i haven't pulled a britney and started speaking in a british accent. it's just that after watching all of that "lost" i find that i really prefer the queen's english when it comes to swearing. plus, it's safer for the kids at home.

Friday, February 15, 2008

dr. dolittlette

on wednesday i walked onto a train and saw a bird!

the poor thing was so scared, i was going to try to catch it and take it outside the train at the next stop, you know, after i took a pic or two. good thing i didn't - a woman came on at the next stop and told me that sometimes birds have heartattacks when you catch them and then you're stuck holding a dead bird. so instead we herded our lil' avian friend off the train. miraculously, the train driver kept the doors open long enough for us to be good animal samaritans. i thought that was a pretty good way to start my day.

also, i am so addicted to "lost" that it's replaced my need for caffeine. it's damn weird.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day!

sorry i've been MIA. it's not because i moved far away and forgot all about you. rather, i miss you very much. i've been kinda busy. mostly trying to convince myself that i live here and i'm not on vacation here. when my furniture arrived it sorta helped it sink in. i don't know about you, but i don't often take my couch on vacation with me.

in addition to the library card and dominic's (think wegman's, but smaller (i.e. less intimidating) and with better music and way more booze) club card i now also have a salon and hair stylist. this is very important and something that i was worried about. no one likes breaking in a new doctor, but it's even more scary to have to let someone have control over what you're going to look like. i konw that sounds vain, but i don't care. regardless, i am thrilled to report that britney from OK is way better that just ok. i don't know what she did, but she has completely erased any desire i had to go back to being a redhead. plus, it's kinda cute that harlee and i now have the same color hair. what's that about owners eventually looking like their pets?

also, here is the cutest picture ever taken that does not involve mini-versions of my friends:

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

at least i'm still laughing...

which may prove i'm insane. before i even stepped foot into my new apartment i slipped on some ice, dropped my cat and suitcase and ass-planted myself on the ground. and my ankle hurt. and then it swelled. and after i was done crying and otherwise being way too girly for my own good, i went to the ER. such a nice ER it was! the woman next to me whose son also hurt her ankle heard me complaining on my cell, which i was not supposed to be on, about how hungry i was and how all i wanted was a snickers, so she went and got me a snickers! and the really cute resident with the hot accent was kind enough to not look grossed out when he saw my non-pedicured toes. i was so embarrassed. i know the ol' addage is "always wear clean underwear in case you're in a car accident" (and i do!) but i really think "keep your toes pretty in case you sprain your ankle" is going to be a new motto for me.

they also gave me vicodin for my ankle. now, i have to say, this stuff is lame. not only does it not give me the cool high i've heard about, but it also doesn't do anything for the pain. i think i'm going to sell it and then stay "on vacation" for a while longer. know any buyers?

then, to add to the fun, when i did get in my apartment, i didn't have a fridge (i have one now). i also can't get into the building cause my access card doesn't work, but they're apparently working on that one. i've been told that if i keep taking what chi-town dishes out, it'll eventually stop being a jackass and start being welcoming. anytime now would be fine by me.

other than that, things are ok. furniture isn't here yet, and i kinda hope it doesn't come until next week cause i can't get a money order until then and they won't let me have my furniture then anyway. on the other hand, i'd love to have my stuff now cause i really want to settle in this place and make it homey. that's a desire i never had at my last place (clearly) but this is different. i like it here. both the city and my pad. it's still incredibly weird to me to think that i live here and aren't just going home in a few days. it's snowing and it's really pretty, so i think i'm going to gimp around and take some pics, or go take a nap. either way.

but all in all, it'll work out. just so long as my withdrawal from "lost" doesn't kill me first...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

oh, you guys...

so thanks for the fantastic weekend, everyone! not only was it awesome to not have to pay for anything for the last two weeks and to get presents (i love presents!) but the bestest part by far was just to see everyone. i have no idea how brides at weddings do it - all the running around and trying to say hi to everyone. maybe brides don't spend as much time doing shots.

so, here we are at 9 PM. i'm watching "lost" because, well, it's what i do. in 23 hours some guys are gong to come and take all of my worldly possessions and gently place them on the back of a truck and drive them to chicago and then with equal care place them in my new digs (i hope). i guess this makes this the last blog that i blog while i live in buffalo. wierd. i wonder what living in a new city/state/time zone will be like. i remember being terrified when i moved to canisius and look at how great that worked out! i met all of you fine people and had oodles of fun. so i'm not freaking out anymore. sure, i'm gonna miss all of you and it's going to be really strange, but it's also new and exciting! i'm fairly certain i'll spend monday night sitting in my new apartment going, "whoa - i live here." and then the next night is mardi gras, which means i normally need to take the day after that off of work, but that's not really an issue at this point. but i think for mardi gras i'll go check out some of my new neighborhood bars and see what's what in my new hometown.

so, before i suffer without internet for a new days, there's a couple things i have to ask - how do i pronounce the name of the state i'm moving to? and what salon should i go to? i'm thinking i should go back to being a fake irish lass before st. patty's day.

and thanks again for the presents!

Friday, February 01, 2008

second verse, same as the first

my mistake - i thought when i signed a contract and paid a deposit that you were like, required to hold up your end of the bargain. apparently, i was very wrong. instead, you get to come and pick up my furniture and stuff on monday, which is famous for not being friday. so now i'm going to sit on my bum and watch "lost" and maybe even take a nap. and then, seeing as how the ceiling in my spare room leaked all over the box filled with clothes, i guess it's really considerate of you to give me time to do laundry. so, thanks, i was kinda bored with packing.

so not kidding

moving is a pain in the butt. and all other body parts as well. the movers were suppossed to come today, but instead they're coming tomorrow - which is when i was suppossed to be on a plane. kinda glad they're not coming today cause since i spend all of my time blowing my nose (from being sick - i'm over being weepy... for now) i'm not making much progress. and i really wasn't really too thrilled with the idea of getting on a plane hungover, so that's another plus. oh, and if i kept my saturday flight, then i would have to ask someone to sit in my apartment and wait for some movers to show up. i know each and every one of you is desperately wishing that i had picked you. not to mention the fact that with the weather here and there, delays are rather large, and i've gots a cat with me. oh, and as i mentioned before, i'm sick, and if i don't get somewhat better before i fly, there's a really good chance i'll blow both my eardrums. i have a feeling arriving in chicago temporarily deaf is not a great way to start.

but don't worry, i'm not contagious. and i am drinking tonight.

so, now i fly out on monday afternoon. the movers assured me that they aren't delivering all of my finely wrapped items on monday, afterall. woulda been nice if they coulda told me that 2 weeks ago, but you know, it's not a huge deal.

so, umm, what are you guys doing on saturday?