Tuesday, April 11, 2006

today's post is all about not enticing garv to reply to my post. of course, he's welcome to if he likes, but i'm done picking on the poor guy. even though he might be the only person besides me who still reads this!

i've found lately that i'm having trouble keeping track of time. like, i'm sitting on the subway and suddenly i notice it's my stop, which means 15 minutes and 6 stops have gone and i completely just lost that time. and it's not like i just "missed" them. they're the only 15 minutes and 6 stops! and just now, i really thought it was 9:00 as i got home at 8:30, had some cereal and sat down to finish my paper, but instead it's almost 10:00. i'm starting to get scared. not only do i have 4 pages to write and bedtime soon, but i'm also blacking out during the day. i'm going to start drinking heavily(er) so that when this happens i can blame the grey goose and not consider a deeper medical problem. hooray!

Monday, April 10, 2006

wow, 2 posts from gabby in 2 days, she must really have some homework to avoid.

indeed. in fact, i've already exhausted all other webpages that i normally frequent and found myself on msn hotmail's "today" page which featured pick up lines girls should use? my favorite: "Don't you think Batman's cooler than Superman because he doesn't have super-powers to fall back on?" Let him be an expert. If a guy is reading something that you know about -- a newspaper story, a novel, or a comic book you remember fondly -- comment on it and let him show you how much he knows.

so, i didn't write my paper at work. and i never really was going to. quite simply, i could never spend my time doing something non-work related while other people are breaking their backs doing work related work. it just wouldn't be right and i would feel crappy. especially when a reader of this blog continually does stuff for me. "yeah, could you get this done from me by 3? i have a few more pages of a paper to write." sure, that has me written all over it. i did take 15 minutes of my lunch though to do some brainstorming. so, that's a good start.

so yeah, i'm off to write a paper. unless i think of more ways to procrastinate first.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

a friend of mine recently wrote that he wants dave barry's job, and while i think that would be fun, i'd much rather be his kid. can you imagine how much fun that would be? it'd be impossible to get into trouble, and even when you did - you'd just end up laughing about it. and btw, dave barry thinks food in england sucks too, so it must be true.

this friend and i also share a common love for beer and batman, but i recently learned that there were st. patty's day pics that i didn't get to see, and now i don't know if we're still friends. so what should i do with all of my spare batman beyond dvds? i guess i'll just throw them out and the homeless can use them as coasters.

so, it's 6:54 on sunday and i have a paper due on wednesday. i was stressed about it when i thought it had to be 15 pages, but it really only has to be 8-9, so no big deal. heck, i could write most of it at work. i've discovered an upside to getting a new boss - all projects are on hold until they're reapproved. try to hold your jealousy in, i'll be paying for this period of tranquility soon enough.

so here i am, doing everything but my paper. i blame this on my new year's resolution - "to have more fun." but gabby, you always seemed like you were having a blast. not so, my friend. there was a period of time when i was taking everything way too seriously, and it wasn't cool. so i made a promise on my birthday to just have more fun. and it's working splendidly! of course, it would help if my immune system would play along, but all things considered, i am a much more whimsical and happy go lucky person. but this is to the detriment of my school work. it's just not featuring the "oomph" that it used to. and i'm not caring like i used to. as a schoolmate said to me, 2 years from now, all anyone is going to care about is that you graduated, not what your gpa was. true dat, homes. although, i was thinking it'd be pretty awesome to bump my 3.62 up to a 3.75 and graduate magna cum laude, until i just learned that ub only does that for undergrads. well, there goes that motivation. who wants to play "you don't know jack?"