Tuesday, January 31, 2006

you remember when you were little and you stayed home sick and your parents made you stay in bed all day? and you hated it cause you wanted to watch tv and lay on the couch and couldn't understand why you had to go to bed? it's because you were annoying them. at least, that's what johnny told me when he sent me to bed.

Monday, January 30, 2006

being home sick sucks. i'm already so bored that going to work sounds like a good idea, until i remember that i'm sick and going to work is a bad idea. remember that time i went to work with a temp of 103 and spent the entire time at work getting yelled at for being there? yep, i learned my lesson. i feel like dookie, i stay home.

on an entirely different note, i think ico is dead at the end of ico. i mean, how else could he meet up with yorda in a human form? and the poor kid did lose a fair amount of blood from his horns. and maybe the reason that yorda let the castle fall apart was cause she knew it was the only way to stop these travesties from continually happening. and besides, the japanese like it when their video game heros and heroines die.

Friday, January 27, 2006

it's a little known fact that i'm a sucker for chick flicks. or maybe it's widely known. i don't care, the point is, i only like the ones that are good. if any one of the leads used to be on a disney or nickelodeon show, i'm not gonna watch it (sorry lindsay). but, if it has hugh grant as the prime minister, i'm totally in. "love actually" almost beat out the "princess bride" for best movie ever in my book. but, let's not be silly, that would be sacrilege and the world would end. but all kidding aside, "love actually" is a brilliant movie. i laughed, i cried, and then i smiled through my tears. and then i remembered why i love the pointer sisters. i'm watching it again tomorrow. and i'm going to make johnny watch it with me. and he'll like it, though he'll probably never admit it.

my meme was pretty lame when i did it as gabby, it was all about gossip, and "desperate housewives," breeding cats and cheats for playing yoshi. but when i did it as gabrielle, well, it just got really dirty. and sometimes freaking accurate. this is what google has prescribed for me:
- needs to demonstrate a consistent effort when completing school work
- needs (to be) a trophy wife
- needs XenaRotica
- the last thing I need is *that* kind of relationship with Xena
- needs cultivating friendships
- needs grab bag 2
- needs group therapy
- needs the deliverer and crusader
- needs music across the miles
- needs able angel gremlin
- needs grammar
- needs "cooking without looking"

that was pretty fun - what are we doing next?

btw, the entire first seasons of "batman beyond" and "teen titans" have been put into production. yes, my copies are preordered. yes, you can come over and watch them. i hope you don't have plans for march 23. actually, shit, that's a thursday. come over on friday instead.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

it is totally shit-tay outside. but not as shit-tay as the people who own the liquor store across the street from me. pair of maladjusted pockfaced whales doesn't begin to describe it.

i just got home from the class that i think may change my life. if it hasn't already. it's arts management and dear lord, this is the class that'll teach me how to do what i've always wanted to do for the rest of my life. manage the unmanageable. and by that, i don't mean stifle the creativity out of art, i mean find new and interesting ways to bring it to people, make it accessible. run a goddamn art gallery/museum. and make money! hot shit, i can get a masters in this too, even a PhD. so, if i did that, after my MBA, i would then have a total of 8 letters after my name, and 3 commas. i can dig it. but in all seriousness, you know how everyone says you have that one teacher, that one class that really means the world to you? i've been lucky to have thought that i had several of those before, but now i know what they really mean. and i'm going to have to work my ass off for this. between AM and tech & e-business i will never see the outside world again until may, but it'll be worth it. i'm drinking the wine to calm me down, not warm me up. i'm too freaking excited about what this semester will hold to type about it anymore. i need to go run in circles or something.

oh, and on a "buffalo is a small world" theme, lenny is in my class. we had a delightful chat about new year's eve and tried to fill some of each other's blank spots. didn't work.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I would eat green eggs and ham! I would, I would, Sam I am!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Does anyone want to go see NIN with me on Thursday, March 9 in Rachacha? Yes, you'd have to drive and miss out on a night of 44, but I would pay for parking and all the beer. Anyone? C'mon, it'll give you a chance to let your inner electro-goth brightly, or darkly. Tickets are only $36 too. What? You still don't want to go? Fine. I didn't want to go with you guys anyway. Hmpf.

i tried taking a nap this afternoon with disasterous results. our bedroom is roughly 14 degrees colder than the rest of the apt, so you have to dress really warm to stay unfrostbitten. now, if johnny is in the room this doesn't present a problem at all. my man is a walking furnace. forget the core of the earth, johnny is what keeps this planet alive and warm. he is what crinkly old ladies flock to and what adorable english bulldog pups relax near. but alas, he was not taking a nap with me, so the blankets remained uncharred and i remained chilled. then the cat showed up! hurray! would his furry body bring me the warmth and solace that i need? not for long, the cat's warmth soon ran out and he appeared to hate it when i shook him like a paint spray can. i was just trying to get his heat core to output more. but sadly, he remained cold like a fisher price flashlight, compared to johnny's gas powered coleman stove. but i was not to be thwarted. i rolled over to my left side, cause movement is suppossed to produce warmth and was startled by how much that freaking hurt. i got a flu shot yesterday and the area is still sore. which makes me wonder - how do heroin addicts sleep? i just had one little prick and i was in "owwy" land. is it because they use their veins and not their muscles? or is it cause they're shooting heroin? tough call, i say.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

i came to school early tonight in the hopes that i would do my nonmandatory homework for my one credit pass/fail elective? i don't know when i'll stop deluding myself, but i hope it will be soon.

so, here i am, at UB 45 minutes before i need to be, typing away on a swank dell, listening to my ipod, just like everyone else here. and i started to wonder, does the music anyone else listens to influence the way they walk? because i have at least 3 distinctive walking styles based on what i listen to. for example, when i want to look like i'll kick your tuckus for even considering thinking about looking at me i listen to disturbed, muse or stabbing westward. when i feel like the world is my playground, i listen to aerosmith or fatboy slim. if the world is my playground and i vandalize it nightly, it's all about paul oakenfeld, filter, the chemical brothers or filter/chemical brothers. i really think i'm the only one affected like this - or else everyone i see is always listening to kenny g.

my vacation is winding down and i have to say, it's been alright. i spent some extra time with johnny (who i think is highly anticipating me going back to work and leaving him in peace) and i got some good stuff done. but i still have a lot of laundry to do. and put away. i went shopping with jess who bought awesome sneaks. i got a massage and facial - which was odd cause they made me take my clothes off. i, for one, do not like taking my clothes off and then having strangers touch me. but it ended up being relaxing and something i would recommend. not the letting strangers touch you naked part, the massage and facial part. and then my doc today needed me to wear one of those horrible plasticy-paper robe thingies, so apparently i was not meant for clothes this week. which is, well, not how i foresaw this week turning out.