Tuesday, August 28, 2007

udderly fun

jessanalia was a huge success. i had nothing to do with it and leave all credit up to the organizer; however, i felt the need to state the obvious. good times were had. don't believe me? check out some of the digital evidence that is now forever available on the interwebs. it's not everyday you get to see outgrabes sucking face with a bovine. and if you can't see it today either, it's cause you need to be my friend on flicka. don't be shy. i'm not going to let just any internet weirdo look at these pics. you have to be an internet weirdo that's also my friend.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i went to chicago

and it was amazing. i met some awesome people, became a minor celebrity, took a ton of pictures and can't wait to go back. for good.

Monday, August 06, 2007

random, thy name is gabsosteel

i was recently chastised (twice!) for not blogging more. which sorta surprised me, as it always does, when i find out someone reads this. but, in an effort to placate the (smallish) masses i give you the following hodgepodge/ patchwork/ mishmash of random thoughts:
  • i had NO IDEA that when i said "caulk" it sounds like something else. i appreciate this knowledge and will now refer to the stuff that lines my tub as "the stuff that lines my tub."
  • the speed with which i type depends entirely on what song is stuck in my head. if no song is stuck in my head i'm still typing pretty dang fast, but if it's "unchained melody" then people are just going to have to wait for their emails.
  • i think the fact that i still haven't unpacked really speaks to the fact that in some intrinsic way, i fail as a human.
  • the size of the suitcase that i'm taking to chicago is sure to elicit numerous laughs from the person driving me to the airport, who, for the record, is the bestest airport driver person ever. that being said, it's important to remember that i'm not overpacking for the trip, i'm making sure i have enough room to bring back all the shoes and deep dish pizza i could ever want. and let's not forget the importance of presents for others.
  • i don't know what i'm more excited about: saying hi to bob the brontosaurus at the field museum, or stocking up on astronaut ice cream.
  • it concerns me that when text messaging, my phone will assume i'm trying to type "shiv" before "shit." clearly, it's ok to murder as long as you don't utter any expletives while doing it.
    • addendum - i realized on my calendar today that the reminder i wrote for myself was "gat consultants from hotel" - clearly text messaging is what causes the violence - not video games.
  • my hair looks blonder when it's straight. i think that's how my hairdresser placates me around the time when i'm writing a check. it's probably for the best. i'm already sporting an alabaster complexion and blue eyes, if i was really blond people would start thinking i was an albino with contacts. and besides, fall is coming which means it'll be time again soon enough for dark, dark hair.
  • i use the word bajillion roughly a bajillion times a day. and that, my friends, is too much.
  • a doctor asked me today where i got my batman wallet from... cause his kid would love one.
  • more so than the fact that people read this, it shocks me that people look at my flickr page. who are these people with nothing better to do? and why are there so many of them?
    • also, everytime i logon to flickr i say in my head "flicka." i don't know why, i never saw the movie.