Wednesday, January 31, 2007

note taken

ya know you cleaned up nice for work when people ask in hushed whispers, "are you interviewing somewhere?" maybe i'll tuck my shirt in more often.

Monday, January 29, 2007

it's coming it's coming!

my new camera should be here on thursday! i'm telling you this for 2 reasons:
  1. so you know you'll finally get to stop reading about it.
  2. so you'll be prepared for hearing about it. or being blinded by it.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

most likely unwarranted

it worries me when i take a two week break from blogging. mostly, cause then i fear i'll never do it again. sorta like when i ditched livejournal and never looked back. it starts as a two week break, then a two month break, and then before you know it it's been over a year.

so, this blog is really less about how much i'm loving "buffy" (even though i just ran out, but more on that later) and instead a reminder to myself that i like blogging and should do it more often. i guess i sure told me.

Monday, January 15, 2007


i really like extra long weekends. this weekend was a double dose of weekend action. i took friday off and was given monday off. hurray for holidays! the only bummer is that all of my friends have work. which is a bummer cause i have no one to hang out with. but it's ok, i have plenty of things to keep my busy. like picking out my new camera. it takes me forever to pick out things that cost more than $50. i'm very free with my money, but only after i'm assured i'm getting the best deal possible. i suppose there're worse quirks i could have.

so, i was thinking about going into work today. but, in all honesty, i don't really want to. the office is creepy when you're the only one in it. not as creepy as my loft, but still pretty creepy. but, i do have a ton of work to do tomorrow, so maybe i'll just go in early. oh man, it took me like, 7.35 minutes to type that i was laughing so hard.

at any rate, today is the first day of the "lose 10% in 3 months" stint. i just ate some leftover arby's and feel like i'm going to die. note to self: since that's the same way you felt yesterday, maybe arby's isn't for you. and if i'm kicking arby's outta my life, that's an easy 3% right there. are there going to be any awards for who accomplishes the goal fastest?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

in commemeration

And now, the story in the form of haiku!!!


A swift thump
Blackness. View of sky
Next time duck.


A divot?
It is not THAT bad.
Late night? Worse.

Followed by-

What to do.
Johnny, Alex agree.
One hour more.


Gab not dead?
Sweet. Now I can return
To my rest.

Monday, January 08, 2007


in this instance, the OP refers to mine and i need your help spending it.

there are 3 things in life that i really want right now. let me rephrase that. there are 3 materialistic things i want right now whose attainment is actually feasible. therefore, the super awesome job where i kick the shit out of big business and save the planet will not be appearing on this list. neither will any batman trades, i really don't need any help in that arena.

so, i need a digital camera. cause, really, it's pathetic that my camera is part of my phone. i'm 27, it's time i own something small and 'spensive. any pointers? i really want one that's good so i won't be tempted to buy a new one every 3 months.

an mp3 player. i need one. as you may have guessed, i'm in love with the second from the bottom. but, it's not compatible with rhapsody. anything you would suggest? functionality is key, but i'm a huge fan of the sleek, sexy lime green, as evidenced by everything i own.

furniture. the problem with this is that i'm planning on moving to DC in a year. not a lot of room for lots of matching bookcases in DC. but, for those of you who are in the market, home decorators seems like they have some nice stuff. i find myself enjoying the mission-style stuff.

so, there you have it. i have some extra funds, you have some extra advice - i'm sure we can make this happen.

whoopsie daisies...

or however you spell it.

i'm a klutz. always have been. but today i did something i've never done before. i knocked myself flat on my ass. i thought i ducked low enough to go through the little people door but no, i didn't, not be a long shot. i distinctly remember thinking, "was that the door frame?" and then i was on my back, staring at the ceiling, hoping my cat wouldn't get lost in the attic (she didn't). there was no blood (which is good - cause head blood is gross) but i am sporting a red spot under my red hair (so no one will ever know). and instead of it feeling like a lump, it feels like a divet. i know i did not just dent my head, but that's what it seems like. the only real annoying part - i always see double so i can't tell if i really hurt myself or not.

on a related klutzy note, the last 2 times i was a senior i broke my right ankle in january while bounding down mini-sets of stairs. you'll have to forgive me if i proceed with extreme caution on stairs for the next 23 days. i really don't want to make a hat trick outta this.