Sunday, September 30, 2007

i have a feeling listening to elliot smith would be a bad idea, too

i rarely get songs stuck in my head, and even more rarely does it bother me. the reason is that i really only get songs that i love in my head and i don't get sick of them. but i have a song i need to remove. i need to get "a little respect" by erasure out of my head, post haste. i've listened to it on repeat, i've watched the "scrubs" episode that centers around it, and still it's in my head. this would be fine, except that i woke up yesterday completely depressed that my boyfriend isn't returning my love - and i don't even have a freaking boyfriend! i am so embarassed that i am this easily influenced by music. i best be careful before i start running around robbing banks all whacked on scooby snacks or shaking my tail feather at inopportune moments.

Friday, September 28, 2007

it's a nice day for a...

fake wedding. the topics always vary wildly at pounding padres. last night was no exception with the topic of "worst first dance songs ever." when i recounted my tale of watching a first dance to "don't wanna miss a thing" the humanist and i decided that the best worst song ever to dance to would be "dream on." so, ladies and gentleman, because of this i now announce our engagement - 10 years from now. we fully plan on holding you hostage for all 5 minutes. and promptly afterwards we'll light a row of shots on fire with the marriage certificate. excited? we are too.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

name calling

one of my friends recently labeled me a "world traveler," which sent all of us into a titter because she was referring to my recent trips to c-go. in her defense, i do believe chi-town once hosted a world's fair. but, to make her at least microscopically more accurate, i'm heading off to DC for columbus day weekend. what better place to celebrate the guy who "found" our land than in our capital!

but, in all seriousness, i'm looking forward to it. i'd never want to live in DC, but it's a great town to visit. and i've never taken pictures of it before, so i'm sure there's soon to be some new stuff on flicka to peruse. and, most importantly, i'm going to get to hang out with the commander! so much fun will be had! and i'm sure i'll eat a ton of sushi, as i apparently do that everytime i travel the world.

and in case you're curious, in the hip hop showdown, my vote's for kanye. show the man some love - he's feeling like katrina without fema!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

i promise this blog will be funny again soon

it has been an interesting weekend, to be sure. for starters, i bought this book, which can only be considered dangerous when in the hands of me. i'll start taking sidekick applications after i master swinging around a flagpole. and then, as if that wasn't awesome enough, i watched "avatar", played BS and then walked home. and i gots to tell you, BS is a dang fun game, mofos. and the walking home, man, i love a good walk when i've been drinking. it really clears the head (to a degree) and makes hitting the proverbial hay that much sweeter.

saturday i did that haunted pub crawl thing in east aurora. i have to tell you, it was interesting, but i would have liked it a lot better if there hadn't been any drinking. there are a lot of people in this world who get real annoying real fast when you add booze to the mix. so, with that being said, i would love to do the allentown walk as it features some of the scariest stories (so i'm told) and no booze. oh, and apparently, if i had decided to live at 49 instead of 91, which was a very real possibility, i'd be sleeping at your house every night. if you're interested in finding out why let me know and we can pick a date! (my vote's for 10/19).

and, perhaps the best part of this weekend, i talked to a whole bunch of friends (some i haven't talked to in some time) and think i've finally started to make some progress with this whole thing called "life." at the very least, when i left my landlord a message about not living here anymore he called back and left a very nice "we can sit down and discuss options - don't worry" message. that alone would have made this weekend rock!

Friday, September 21, 2007

art imitating life imitating art...

i started reading webcomics a bit ago, and have gradually added more to my daily perusal list (except for those that only update on MWF). and every once in a while i will catch myself going, "holy shit - who snuck into my apt, set up a video camera, learned all about me and then turned my life into a webcomic?!" i give you the ones that hit me hardest.

on being an adult
(i wouldn't be surprized if i did this to at least one room...)
on happiness and employment (and look - she has red hair!)
on dating (right on)
on recreation (too bad i suck at photoshop too)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

those lazy days of summer

it's been quite the summer for me. i won't bore you with the details, but it's been full of lots o' change for me. and not just in the quantity (and quality, some would say) of my blogging. i've made new friends, made old ones into better ones and fell in love with a new city (it's the closest thing to paris this side of paris!) it hasn't all been easy (well, the stuff i just mentioned was) and sometimes it was downright scary and hard, but it's all for the best. and for those of you who were bored by the details over and over again, i really appreciate it now just as much as i did then.

but! the biggest change is yet to come. i am finally starting work on my resume. no, really, i am. and i'm hating every second of it, every keystroke it's taking and every bullet i'm creating. but, it has to be done. cause i'm in need of some more change. lately, as in the last couple years, i haven't been feeling very content. which is not to say that i haven't been happy and having fun, cause i clearly have been, but i need to try something new. and i don't mean a restaurant. although that could be fun too. i could live the rest of my life in b-lo and be happy. all my family's here and the majority of my friends are too. i could find another job and go visit all those fun places... but i'd really rather go live in one. there's a whole lotta stuff out there and i want to get to know it better. and to do that, i need a resume. i really wanna pay someone to write it for me but that really wouldn't solve the problem of still having to remember all the crap i've done and then i probably wouldn't like what they wrote, and, well, dammit.

so, yeah, that's what i'm spending my spare time doing when i'm not distracting myself with blogger, flickr, email or webcomics. it's almost keeping me busy enough to forget when "heroes" starts again, but really, to forget that would just be lunacy.

btw, the lincoln park zoo, shedd aquarium and "the book of liz" (featuring the best sound design ev-uhr) are 3 awesome things to do in the windy city. get to it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

eh, what's that again?

so, i went to chicago, again. and it was awesome, again. i'll be sure to post some pics, but there won't be as many of them seeing as how i did far less touristy things this time around. instead i did the "what would it be like to live here?" thing. so, i did laundry, ate fast food, went to the theatre and the movies and got really sick for a day and a half and prayed for the sweet release of death and then was really happy when my prayers weren't answered. you know, pretty standard weekend fare. what wasn't standard was going to the zoo and an aquarium - which spawned these 3 statements:

"where the hell did that hippo come from? and since when do they have hair on the ends of their tails?!"
"wow, lions roar a lot louder in real life than they do before a paramount movie" (actually, hearing a lion roar in person was one of the most humbling and awesome moments of my life.)
"so, i hope you don't think i'm a bad person, but i always get really hungry for sushi when i go to an aquarium."