Sunday, October 29, 2006

this was going to be

a cute post about how i have really wierd dreams when i go to sleep drunk (diet pepsi in the fridge and trying to balance Little Theatre's budget?) and how harley went upstairs for the first time today and freaked out (clearly due to the little girl ghost in the white pinafore) and boy howdy isn't that funny?

but instead, i was getting ready to go to a family dinner and wait downstairs for my ride (us passengers in life have to be considerate) and i unlocked the upstairs door and started to walk downstairs when i noticed the outside door swaying in the wind and yesterday's mail blowing in the breeze. at which point my shit freaked out. nothing happened to me and all of my stuff is still here, but for all i know someone walked upstairs, looked through the dor window, decided all my stuff is crap and wasn't worth picking a lock. or someone tried on my shoes. or, and this is the option i prefer, any good karma i may have had was cashed in to make sure that humanity was kind for an evening.

at any rate, i am definitely embarassed that i was too drunk to remember to lock my own door. and i share this embarassment so that i'll constantly be reminded to not be an ass-hat. you don't have to say anything, just knowing that you know is a reminder enough.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

how the mighty have fallen

when i worked for juno and helped people fix their internet connections i used to make a game out of finding ways around client logic's firewalls to use AIM. each time they changed their protocols (am i even using the right jargon anymore?!) all of us would make a game of out seeing who could find a new way through fastest. while i never won, i never lost either.

and now i can't even get hotmail on my work computer. it's just, embarassing. i used to actually know computer stuff - for real! and now all i know how to do is unplug a cable modem and hope that reboots it. i feel so efemulated.

Monday, October 23, 2006

how sweet it is...

there are few things in life as sweet as being the recipient of unconditional love. i'm not huge into the whole having a pet thing, but being the center of a fuzz-ball's world can really change that. here's a darling little squishy whose favorite part of the day is any part where she can curl up on/near/behind me. her every purr and mew says "thanks for giving me the chance to show that i'm worth the trouble of taking me home and not letting me get shot full of deadly drugs! you're the best!" and so, you feel like the goddess your cat thinks you are. for yes, you did save a life and you are the center of the universe. and then, one day, you'll be hurrying through your dining room, in too much of a hurry to look where you're going, and you'll feel your foot trip on something, hard. the first thought is, damn, my toes should really be aching, good thing i kicked something soft and squishy. the next, immediate thought is, i just kicked a kitten! i am the WORST PERSON EVER! and to think, some people wonder why i'm afraid to procreate.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

monday, i'm gonna hate you

i really don't like mondays. they just annoy me. honestly, i think they would annoy me less if i wasn't forced to reminise about the weekend when i get to work. it was wonderful while it lasted, but now it's done, so please, let's just move on.

my computer was doing this wierd thing were every time i pressed ' it brought up the find window. i've never had that happen before. but now that it's stopped, i just went back and put all the apostrophes in. it's bad enough that i can't spell, i can't have bad punctuation too.

"the prestige" was a fantastic movie and i need to watch it again. while it was nothing like i expected it still far surpassed my expectations. rarely does a movie have ellicit such a strong reaction from me that i feel like i'm going to vomit and am silent for the whole movie. i didn't even once comment on the super-duper awesomeness of hugh and chistian in one movie! clearly, this ws a movie that didn't mess around.

questionable content
is my new favorite webcomic. it, like the only other webcomic i read, also features indie boys and robots. you find something you like, just stick with it.

and finally, i have a kitty. her name is harlequin and i love her. you may call her harley and come over and pet her soft furry belly and listen to her purrs. her favorite things are getting pettings, watching batman cartoons (especially the ones featuring a certain clown) and blogging. the piitter patter of typing is like human purring. i really need to borrow a digital camera so i can share with the world the cuteness that is the tiny fuzz-ball harley. sometimes when she meows she sounds like a goat. unfortunately, she lived a tough life early on. she was homeless, hungry, fell in with the wrong crowd and had kittens when she was merely 6 months old. but it's ok, she was young and she needed the money and she's well on her way to reform. so this weekend, i'm going to the pet store to get her a pretty patent leather red collar. it'll fit her other nickname, which is harlot. i think she'll like it.

satruday night's alright...

i think we should go to prespa more often. which is not to say that i want to hear about any more stranger's sextrastrophes, regardless of how innocent they are.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


i keep getting these stabbing pains in my palms. i hope it's not the stigmata.

Monday, October 16, 2006


i just had to login again to share this important news - my strategy professor is not a total jerk. our midterm is postponed so that people can get their lives back in order and houses cleaned up. well, my life may have been undisrupted and i don't own a house - but i'm still happy to take advantage of this. WOO HOO!

a tale of two cities

the trip to NYC was wonderful. saw some beautiful foliage and got there relatively unscathed. i say relatively cause i'm still not sure my heart will ever be the same after getting hit by a box at a combined speed of 150 mph. you know you're scared witless when it takes a full 3 seconds to squeak out a "what was that?" props to alex for being a champ the whole way round. he put up with 2 girls, crazy new yorker drivers and didn't threaten to drive us into a pylon once. oh, and he drove the whole way, both ways. that's totally cool too.

NYC itself is a great town. i always enjoy my time there. i walk faster, talk grittier, and become cooler. at least, i like to think i do. and i bought super awesome greenich-village sneaks. and we super awesome comedy shows after super awesome mexican. thoroughly enjoyable.

so that was last weekend. this weekend we were in buffalo, cause ya know, we live here and stuff. oh buffalo, someday you'll make the news for something other than snow and sports teams that can't quite ever win the championship. but for now, we're known for the fact that when 164530 gallons of slush fall out of the sky, our trees crumble. i really feel bad for the trees. i actually get a lump in my throat when i see them, all broken and crumbly. and of course, i feel bad for all of the people without heat and power. but i have to say this about buffalo, when the tree chips fall, the people come together. there are stories everywhere of people sharing generators, helping neighbors dig themselves out, and just generally being nice. fools - why are you shoveling when it all just melted anyway?! just kidding - it's really nice to see so many people come together. it sorta makes you feel like there might be hope for the human race yet.

and i'm also really digging this having roommates thing. it's pretty cool - sorta like college but with less hangovers and better food. the pizza and wings are definitely of a higher quality now than they were then. and while i will admit at first that i was worried about having people find out about my idiosyncracies, that lasted all of about 5 seconds. i quickly remembered that i tell people all about how wierd i am every thursday, so really, if anyone was going to be scared it should have been them, not me. especially since i may inflict a rousing game of scene it on them tonight. even if they have their own power.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

more of the same

  • we are going to have so much fun this weekend. i'm really glad we're arriving at night because the skyline is just breathtaking that way.
    • at least, that's how i felt 8 years ago. now i just fly - no skyline that way.
      • holy heck - can you believe it's been 8 years since i rode in a van with andrea and anne and a cage full of mice and stopped in albany to visit scott swedish who anne was making it with and then later went on to trade up and date jenn keem and then first met johnny's nyc family and friends and coined the phrase "up against a wall?" wow, i think i might like this road trip a lot more. or at the very least, the stories might be more "family friendly."
  • people who kick the back of my chair make me murderously mad. to the point where i start to fantasize about garroting them.
  • according to coworker bill, i would make a good assasin. coincidence?
  • so i'm kinda bummed cause i took my comforter out on sunday - i haven't seen it since it was cleaned in the spring - and it has ink spots on it. now, i love my dry cleaners - nothing like this has ever happened before. so i think next time i'm in to drop something off i'll mention it and see what they suggest. i can't prove they did it, but regardless, i'm assuming they'll offer to clean it again for free. which is cool - but i'm using it now.
  • jumbo pretzels and fruit smoothies make excellent dinners
  • it's stupid to teach a class on how to strategize like a CEO. i'm not a CEO. if i was a CEO, i wouldn't be in MBA school. if i started acting like a CEO, my ass would be out on the mud/we're-suppossed-to-pretend-it's-grass; that's not what i'm there for. therefore, i don't stay for the whole class.
  • achtung baby is the best u2 album ever. and i don't hate it - i just don't relate to it like i used to. but it's still good and i still like it. so can we please go back to being friends now?
  • i really hope someone is eating the leftover soda bread. or building a fort with it.
    • maybe i'll make some more and take it to work next week. it's really fun to make.
      • it reminds me of making hamburgers with play-doh.
        • really big hamburgers.

Monday, October 02, 2006

just the facts

  • show B is funny
  • so is this. they should do one of these for Batman, but really, that's every issue anyway.
  • everyone loves marineland. but no one likes little sisters who still haven't sent over the pictures (i'll tell you all about the racist goats and cute belugas once i have visual aids)
  • switching johnny's ringtone to mr. softie is one of the best decisions i ever made
  • i thought i had my playlist for "party like it's 1999" done, and then i saw a commercial for this, and i realize i'm nowhere near ready. it takes much more than a keg and some plastic cups people.
  • while i'm being dorky, it's also a fact that i really want this
  • i already have most of those songs on rhapsody. they go surprizingly well with the killers and nin
    • you can't do a backwards "n" on blogger
      • i don't really know how to do one with a computer anywhere
  • i use the word "this" way too much
  • there are a bunch of movies out about magic and witchy stuff and i want to see all of them
    • right now
  • i could also really go for some sushi
  • why couldn't they take the picture last night?