Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the date's set

Saturday, February 3, 2007.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

i don't know about you...

but i had a blast last night. it's not often that you get so many truly awesome ladies in one place at the same time, but when you do it is bound to be a lot of fun. although it kinda made me wish that i had more sisters. not that maddie isn't adequate, she's much more so, but if one is great than more must be better, right? and i really can't wait til she's old enough to come out with me. i always have a blast with her and i'd take her out now, but she looks 12. well, there's that, and i would spend the entire night making sure no strangers talked to her. i have a feeling that would quickly grow old for everyone involved.

so, tomorrow, the event i've been waiting months for finally happens. in june, yes june, i placed an order with amazon.com for several items. tomorrow, a man in brown delivers them. the three items i've been waiting for the most are "batman beyond: season 2", "nightwing: renegade" and "infinite crisis." finally, i'll be able to read the stuff that needs to be read before i can read all the other stuff that i bought. of course, i read the "countdown to infinite crisis" stuff so long ago, i doubt i remember all of it. this wouldn't concern me, except as the onion.com recently reported, "area man spent 18 hours on wikipedia.com and still doesn't understand the DC universe." poor man. even if i suffer the same fate, at least i can be comforted by a non-mulleted dick grayson. and really, what more can a geeky girl ask for?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Monday, November 13, 2006

hey, thanks for the well wishes re: my dad. he's doing ok and will be fine. besides the obvious bummer where he got hurt in the first place, the other bummer is you can't really sign casts anymore. they have all this gauzey stuff on 'em.

so, i found something scary out yesterday. i can cook. i always had an inkling that i might be able to, but it's true. i can. which sucks, cause now i have no excuse not to. other than the "i'm really lazy" part. but, we might as well put these talents to use. i know haley's been talking this idea up for at least 498 millenia, but let's start having swank dinner parties. heck, i'll even throw the first one. that way, i won't have any exceptionally high standards to live up to. :)

speaking of things i want to do, i want to go to the buffalo museum of science, the albright-knox (before everything i learn in college atrophies) and go dancing. who wants to be my new favorite person and go do these things? oh, and i also want to host "lost" viewing nights. alanna, i'm putting you in charge of obtaining the dvds. harley, you're in charge of not pulling out your life-like mouse toys at inopportune moments and scaring me in front of guests.

in the next month i have a whole ton of comics coming in. and season two of "batman beyond." please, remind me that it's healthy to go outside and interact with people once in a while. and that bringing the comics with me doesn't count.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

family disFUNction

ah, my family. we're nothing if not mad-cap and zany. or at the very least, frigging odd.

the story begins with a young lass sitting in a class room waiting for the prof to arrive. she checks her cell, weary with ennui, hoping that someone has offered a distraction. "ah," she smiles to herself, "my dear ol' dad has called, and as it's not bio-dad, that's pretty rad."

so, off she traipsed to the common area to return the call and learn what so important that daddums had to use his cell and couldn't wait for the lil' pain in the ass to get off the computer.

"hey dad, what's up?
"nothing, what're you doing?"
"waiting for class to start, you?"
"oh, just laying on the couch. wanna talk to your mom?"
"sure, if that's who called. i didn't check the voicemail"
"oh, ok. jackie - it's gab. she doesn't know"
"hey, honey, how are you?"
"fine, what's going on?"
"well, your dad had an accident"
"a what?"
"an accident. he cut his hand with a chainsaw"
"with a WHAT?!"

at this moment our dear, fair maiden nearly shat herself.

"a chainsaw. he's ok though"
"explain 'he's ok'"
"well, he had the surgery to reattach the tendons today"
"reatt - nevermind. and?"
"and there's about 20 stitches"
"and when he gets the cast off he'll need physical therapy"
"my dad's in a cast?! jesus fucking christ. did it at least happen at work?"
"yeah, he's on comp now"

our heroine is nothing if not pragmatic.

"well, i'm glad he's ok"
"yeah, so, how are you? give me some good news"
"well, umm, let's see. i don't really have any - i mean i'm ok... i haven't played with a chainsaw, in like, ever"
"that's good! definitely for the best"

additional pleasantries were of course exchanged with the matriarch, but the time soon came when all ladies were required to return to the class room. while the prof was most entertaining, thoughts of things other than law tended to pervade our student's thoughts. i dare say it would be quite safe to bet that a certain southern belle will be heading home to her family's ancestral home to survey the damage herself.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

it's a numbers game

the official count is 55. i don't know where i got 65 from - i must've been including fallen comrades.

i just finished my 3rd episode of "firefly." i desperately want to stay up all night and watch the next 17.

i slept 22 hours this weekend and i'm still exhausted. either i have a horrible disease, a strong love of sleep or i'm just really lazy. my money's on choice 2.

so, i just got my gas bill and it's way lower than it used to be. hurray for new furnaces and 90% heat efficiency! (i made that percentage up.)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

sunday bloody sunday

my plan for today was to get up early and go into work and do some web design and look through the pile of stuff inevitably sitting on my desk after being out of the office for 2 days. clearly, that is not what happened. yeah, i have a headache and i couldn't drag my sorry ass out of the house, but that's not entirely it. i really truly want to do the stuff this weekend. i just want to do it from the comfort of my own home. seriously. if i was doing roz work at my house i wouldn't even consider it work. nor would i put in for overtime. if i'm wearing my jammies it's not work. i don't think i would ever be given access to the network from home, but i might still ask. roswell - think of the savings! no more paying me time and a half! no more yelling at me for walking home after it's dark! no more me tripping the alarm because i forget that i need to be buzzed out after 6! and then there's the free time i'll have at work. time to do my filing, truly supervise my subordinates, and, oh yeah, maybe spend some time training with annie so the poor woman can retire.

but for now, i'm going to put some plastic on my windows, maybe do some cleaning, and definitely take a nap. one must be well rested when hard-coding websites.