Monday, October 13, 2008


so, how've you been? me, well, i'm feeling a lot better. i just don't bounce back from strep like i used to, but i finally have some pep in my step. you can tell, from the lack of blogging, that i've left my computer to go do things that are exciting and fun and that simply can't be done in buffalo.

ya know, like, watching "veronica mars" dvds. which i actually do do (hehe) at my computer. but the point is not where i do it, the point is that you should do it! and, if the next time you see me, i'm acting all sassy and say funny things, just know that kristen bell has been a good influence on me, and may have created a monster accidentally.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


i hate to admit it, but my doc was right on to make me stay home today. i just don't bounce back from strep like i used to.

the good side of this is that i've had the opportunity to seriously bleach my abode (strep-ti-yuck-us germs hate the stuff) and i've seen some excellent movies too.

"ghost rider" is just the movie you need to watch if you have a friend over and a spare six-pack. be prepared to giggle at ridiculousness and quote the stupidity for the rest of the night. or morning, depending on when you watch it. the new york times asks if "the world is ready for a flaming nicolas cage." i say, "flame on."

"dan in real life" made me so happy i almost teared up. i would have, except that antibiotics make me dehydrated. this movie also made me really glad that my sister is 9.34 years younger than me, as i think that makes the chances of us falling for the same guy really slim. she may be a mature 19, and i an immature 28, but there's a still a lot of middle ground in there that neither of us is crossing.

after watching "boondock saints" and realizing the whole batman similarity (which i do not see everywhere i look) i decided to watch some actual batman. "batman and the mask of the phantasm" is fantastic. i love it when bats falls for a girl, and the girl has to leave because her daddy is mixed up with the wrong crowd and then she comes back as a villain. (this has happened once or twice.) cause really, if bats and a lady friend ever worked it out, that'd be the end of batman. and then i'd have to start reading spidey or supes. flame on, indeed.

Monday, October 06, 2008

more notes to self

  • electric toothbrushes don't work very well without electricity. i mean, really not well.
  • it's pretty selfish of my boss to tell me i'm not allowed to go to work tomorrow cause i'm contagious. now i'm just going to have to go infect everyone in nordstrom.
  • "boondock saints" - what would happen if batman was irish. and had a twin. who would also be irish.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

notes to self

  • you can get drunk on white wine. i don't know why this lesson is so hard for me to learn.
  • being sick isn't fun, but sometimes it leads to dreams that feature queen latifah, and that is fun.
  • facebook can lead to awkward moments. like the post-makeout "don't bother calling, let's just be facebook friends" or people from your high school that you really don't remember asking if you do remember them. really, i don't mind the new FB format, but i could've used some warning on that new IM feature.
  • remember when i used to listen to trance? i should do more of that. the theme song to "house, md" is great and all, but i could really use more massive attack in my life.
  • i hope i never need a doctor like house, partly because it means i'd be in pretty bad shape, but mostly because i'm sure i'd be emotionally traumatized. he's not a very nice guy.