Monday, February 16, 2009


dear fellow bloggers,

i apologize for my lack of blogging as of late. it's not that i've forgotten you, or haven't wanted to, but i just haven't had anything worthwhile to say, or the ability to say unworthwhile things in an interesting way.

unfortunately, i think this trend is going to continue. why? because today, i finally fulfilled a life-long (actually, 2 years) dream of mine. i finally found a wii available for purchase. today was the first time i went to target without writing "wii" on my list and sweet jesus, it was there. i carried that thing through the store for the rest of the trip like it was my baby, cause it is. it's a pretty hefty baby, too, i have to tell you.

so, yep, today is the happiest day of my life. this by no means is to say that my previous days weren't joy-filled, cause they sure as heck were, but it's always nice when you finally get what you want after years of waiting, even if you have to pay stupid amounts for it.

so, yeah, if you want to know what i've been up to, buy a wii and then we can talk about it while we go fishing online.