Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

authority on the matter

you know you've made it when people call you at work to ask what the story is behind the assault allegations christian bale has had to deal with of late. my official opinion? his mom and sister are just trying to get some money out of him. or maybe they're mad they didn't get asked to the premiere. but there is no way a man that attractive assaulted someone. and have they seen the batman movies? he only assaults assaulters. and if that isn't enough to make you want to drop the charges, pretend patrick bateman is your sweet, baby boy.

but my camp agrees, christian deserves a hug and a pint. if i hurry, i might be able to catch the end of the premiere in barcelona.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

enough with the whining!

anyone else tired of listening to me complain about how much i hate having a job when the economy is terrible and most people would be thankful to have a job that involves poop, much less a job that involves ergonomic chairs? not that i've figured out how to make mine comfy yet, but that's hardly the point.

i think my boss and i, through a complex series of non-conversations, have finally figured out how to communicate with each other. now, when she gives me an assignment and uses strange terms (i had no idea a "schedule" was a "spreadsheet" before i started working here) i know what questions to ask and then when i give her a first draft she acts impressed instead of disappointed! it makes going to work happier. so does the lack of poop. :)

the only other thing we need to work on is getting her to approve my days off. she wanted to know what they were, i told her, and now she won't tell me if they're ok. but, to heck with it, the flights are booked and here's what's up.
  • august 8, arrive around 6 PM. i'm making my future roomie pick me and my polka-dot suitcase up and take me to boozemas (she hasn't agreed yet, but i'm sure she'll come around). it's on gabrielle st., how could i miss it?! plus, this will be a great chance for me to see a bunch of people i haven't seen since i permenantly turned my clocks back an hour.
  • august 9, i hope to hang out with the 44 crowd. either at 44, on the patio, or at harley's place is fine. heck, we could hang out in a parking lot and it'd be fun! you guys are so cool.
  • august 10, family time! i expect this to involve a lot of food.
  • august 11, ERIE COUNTY FAIR! this, too, will involve a lot of food, though of a different caliber. and there's piggy races! you can come too, it's a pretty swell time.
  • august 12, thinking i'll spend some time with the grandparents. cause, ya know, i haven't eaten enough already. and then i fly home, taking up two seats.

so, that's my plan. i like this plan. it has the makings of a good plan.

did i manage to go a whole post with no whining? i didn't, did i... oh well, on a completely non-whiny note, let me just mention again that i really do miss you guys. i know i talk about all the awesome stuff here, and it is awesome, but the chicago-awesomeness doesn't make your awesomeness any less awesome. i get really excited about coming back to buffalo and seeing you guys. i just did the thing where you smile really big and scrunch your shoulders up cause you thought about something that makes you happy. and that thought was about each and every one of you.

don't look at me like that! i made no claims about removing "cheese" or "mush" or "mushy cheese" from my blog. besides, you know you like it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

allow me to elaborate

but first - happy birthday, bridget!

typing apostrophes makes my computer try to find things. it sucks.

i find it really hard to believe that "the dark knight" was only rated pg-13. if i had watched that as a 13 year old, i"d be sucking my thumb like nobody"s business. dont get me wrong, i loved it. but not in the "i cant wait to buy it and watch it a bazilliony bajillon times!" way, because i dont want to suck my thumb. that was some disturbing and sad and dark shit, yo. but it was incredibly well done and pretty gosh darn true to the comics, both in style and actual happenings. and the music was perfect. i only have one issue, and it is a minor one, having to do with a minor character, when instead they could have set her up to be a bigger player. but it worked, and i have to say, i am happy. i also love things that show off my beautiful city and my office building too. :)

i like where chris nolan's going with this and i can't wait to see more. my only question is...

when's my girl harley gonna get some screen time?

it"s time i just admit it

you know how i was unemployed for 2.5 months? it has ruined me. cause now, i never want to work again. NEVER. stupid lack of rich husband.

also, my date with colin was "eh." it"s quite possible he was as nervous as i was until i suddenly remembered that i"m AWESOME, so if he calls i"ll give him a second chance, but if he doesnt call, i certainly wont be heartbroken.

also, my camera broke again, and even though, starting in august when my student loans kick back in, i will be poorer than poor, i think now is the perfect time to upgrade. so, gentle readers, what do you snap shots with? what do you like about your gadgetry and what do you wish was different?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

poor little dork girl

no, i am not going to a midnight showing. why? cause none of my friends in chicago are "cool" enough to go with me, and 3 am is a bit late for a cutie such as myself to wander the streets alone. as is, i may have to go alone tomorrow night. oh, i've reserved two tickets, i figure i can make friends by scalping one. maybe i'll right my phone number on it.

speaking of that, i called. left a cute message ("hey, glad to hear you like shots. i also like shots, and full-sized drinks and things that don't involve alcohol!) on tuesday. he called wednesday morning. didn't leave a message. confusing. so i just called back ("tag - you're it!" cause i'm in sixth grade) and said i didn't know if he was being sneaky or my phone was being jerky.

with any luck, i'll actually talk to him, and he'll take my second ticket (if we ever do go on a date, do i have to pay since i started this? if so, i hate equal rights for both sexes) and then we'll have the best first date ever in the history of firsts.

OMG! THIS JUST IN! my phone rang! caller ID said "Colin"! i answered! we spoke! it was like we were actually using the phone for what it was intended for! and we chatted like we've had conversations before (we hadn't) and it was fun! and if his friend didn't get him a ticket to pitchfork music fest (chicago has more fests than i know what to do with, so i don't go to any of them) to see public enemy (badass) he is totally going to see "the dark knight" with me tomorrow! hurray!

now, should i warn him ahead of time about what a bat-freak i am, or just let him figure it out?


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


a call was made. a message was left. i figured it was important to mention that i like shots and drinks that come in full-sizes and even things that don't involve alcohol at all! i'll be sure to keep you posted, as i know your breath is bated. :) and once the hypothetical hanging out occurs, i'll be sure to inquire as to any females suitable for the humanist.

here's something you're sure to find chuckle-worthy: i have a 90's themed party to go to this weekend, and i have no idea what to wear. i could create a soundtrack like nobody else (or at least like everybody else who thinks the 90s were when all the best music was made), but all i remember wearing in the 90s was a lot of flannel (i did still bathe) and then my jammies when i was in college. i refuse to go as daria or lisa loeb. yeah, i know, i share red hair, glasses and two arms with them, so clearly we look alike.

i am developing a bitchin' scar on my left shin from when i went (man-made) white water rafting and fell out of the two-person kayak and hit a (man-made) rock. part of me wants to just proudly display it, but too many people were cringing and getting grossed out instead of giving me the props i deserve (i bled and got back on that river and showed it who's boss) , so i got some of that "scar-be-gone" stuff. i'll let you know how it works, in case you have any battle wounds you want to lose.

Monday, July 14, 2008


i stayed in saturday night - seeing as how i felt no desire to go clubbing (and when i asked what i should wear and was told "club wear" i was then too embarassed to ask what that meant) and everyone else i know was either at a wedding or passed out from an afternoon cubs game, this seemed like a wise choice. this wise choice led to me going to brunch sunday morning. i like brunch. i also like sharing 32 oz. bloody marys. our waiter was pretty cute, in that teddy bear kinda way, and he was funny and nice and quite attentive. he gave us free shots that were delicious. lemon drops are the bestest-est.

cut to "time to go" time. betsy has been telling me for the last two hours that i need to give this waiter, (psst, his name is colin) my number. the check has come, i've teased him for ringing us up wrong and betsy is now lamenting that this chap is "gabby-number-less." she decides that i should take the napkin that our sugary lemons came on and write, "hey baby, i shook the sugar off this napkin, but if you want some more sugar, give me a call." i told her that was horrible, and very misleading, but in all reality, that's something i would tell someone to write.

i went with a tame "if you ever want to do more shots, give me a call." and then i left my name and number, as i thought he might need those. as if. and then i proceeded to go about my day, never expecting to hear from him. (side note, in going about my day, i got hit on by a homeless man. he asked for my number and then said, "yeah right, like i have a phone! hey, how i take you to dinner, but you pay? hehehehe!" he was pretty cool.)

but then he (not the homeless dude) called. an hour later. left a message about how he got my "offer", spends a lot of time being a waiter, but only until he gets out of school and gets a real job, and that i should swing by stanley's (the scene of the crime) or give him a call when i want to hang out. only he sounded more enthused about it than that bland translation let on.

sounds good, right? WRONG! i don't know what the eff i'm doing! i have no idea how to date! all i've ever done is make my friends more than friends, or cut to the chase and then never speak to them again. i have no idea how this courting thing works. i had to get advice on when to call him back (tomorrow is the consensus) which is good cause i still have no idea what to say. "so, yeah, i left you my number cause i was 'triple-dog-dared' to, and now i have no idea what to do next. you have any ideas?"

i can only come across as psycho. help.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

when the cat's away...

and the IT filters are down, the mice do blog.

have i mentioned in the last five minutes how happy i am to be in chicago? i made more friends! apparently, i am an incredibly awesome person to hang out with. or, as the work hottie put it, "damn, you're cool. how are you single?" umm, cause you're already dating someone else. even when i'm telling some guy i just met to stop being a lil' bitch cause my friend/coworker/recent birthday girl didn't listen to his mixed tape yet, i'm adored. no, really. allow me to play stenographer:
LB: "i can't believe you didn't listen to it yet."
BD Girl: "get over it."
me: "what's the big deal? did you write the songs?"
LB: "no..."
me: "do the songs express your truest undying emotions?"
LB: "not really..."
me: "then what are you whining about? cause she doesn't want to subject herself to what's sure to be your crappy taste in music? now shut up and carry the cake downstairs, i'm hungry."
LB: "she's really cool, i think i love her."
BD Girl: "i loved her first."

so, yes, chicago is fun. but i'm glad i'm here for a sorta less fun reason. my aunt in mill-wah-kay may have lupus. she's single, no kids, and while she has a ton of friends who love her dearly, if she ends up needing some round the clock care, i'm so happy i'm only a train-ride away. i really hope it doesn't come to that because it would crush her to no longer be independent, but i know it makes it easier on the whole family, and aunt patti, to know that someone is near by. especially when that person has experience cleaning cat boxes. (hey, not everyone can hack it.) hopefully, her symptoms will turn out to be caused by something else entirely, but until we know i won't be planning any trips back to the b-lo, which kinda stinks cause i miss all of you (especially after i took my first sailing lesson last night and was like, "you know who would love this?! everyone i know!") but i'm happy to be where i hopefully won't be needed.