Tuesday, March 28, 2006

i got home from work on friday and immediately felt the need to take all of my clothes off. no, this isn't one of those kind of posts - it turns out my furnace was broken and would not turn off. it was 80. with the doors open. i hated it.

then, the opposite happened. the furnace turned off and wouldn't go back on. it was 52. with the doors closed. i hated it.

now the ol' clunker is working fine (since it's getting replaced tomorrow) and johnny and i are battling over the thermostat. turns out, j&a's temp setting is really more for me than johnny's 68. so, dear friends of mine, if you want to swap apartments i'm all for it. but if you sleep in my bed don't drool on my pillows. that kinda thing really grosses me out.

p.s. to greg - i'm really sorry about what happened on st. patty's day, especially if you wanted to have kids someday. of course, if you don't want to have them, then you're welcome.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

last night was quite a good time. only 7 hours of celebration is pretty weak sauce for me, but i think i made them count. missions accomplished - people thought i was irish, i got drunk and jess got drunk (i think). i don't think i did anything too horrible, but i do know i caused a chair to fall over at some point. a very patient and sweet therese said it was cause there were 4 coats on the back of the chair, but i'm sure i didn't help the situation. if i did anything else embarassing, please feel free to tell me if i'm wrong and provide me with a list of persons i need to apologize to. and i'm never drinking whiskey again. i mean it this time!

oh, and i'm really sorry about your shoulder, jess. like, really REALLY sorry. not just cause i gave you a boo boo, but cause i fear the retribution.

and just in case you're curious - i did not go to class this morning. i got up and was showered by 8, but it was all downhill after that. no worries - the teacher bought my lame excuse and i still passed. so, who won that bet?

Monday, March 13, 2006

vince vaughan is in my spring break mini-class. remember him?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

it's been quite a strange weekend. btw, i believe my weekends start on thursday nights; which means i always have a three day weekend, and have to work on the weekend. if only my boss believed that my weekends started on thursday so i could get paid time and a half for fridays. at any rate...

thursday started normally enough. i got up late, got in the shower late, and then johnny told me his grandfather died. end normal. i called in late to work and then we began the frantic task of finding a same day plane ticket to nyc for less than $500. do you know continental has the nerve to charge $1700? wtf?! and then a very good friend called and offered to drive us to the airport - which was, and still is, most appreciated. so, i got to work, everyone gave their condolences and then before i could thank them asked me where i got my shoes from. again, wtf. i think i played the part well, but quite frankly, i found the entire conversation incredibly crass.

44 followed work. i was still wearing my cute shoes because by that point, i was ready to be told how cute they were - and those comments were appreciated as were the condolences. 2 firsts for me happened at 44 that night - i got my first ever nosebleed - that's right! over 26 years nosebleed free, and i get my first one at a bar. and then i met jim kelly and got his autograph for carrie's brother, who's going to iraq soon. i have to say, mr. kelly was very nice. he told me that it would've been ok for me to ask for his autograph, even if kevin wasn't going to war. and then he hugged me. man oh man, it was wierd. i don't care a lick about football, but i still found the whole thing very cool. and my nose didn't bleed on him, which i consider a bonus.

friday, went to desi's, got drunk, nothing unusual. well, the band was good, and comprised of very attractive 20 year olds, so i guess that is unusual.

saturday we went to peter's house for a good ol' sittin' around the fire night. i love the smell of a fire and going home smelling like a fire. i swear, if i ever commit arson, it'll be because i love the smell. if yankee candle just made a candle that smelled like that instead of "sundried linen, wedded bliss, candy-apple-lemon-merengue-sugar" then i wouldn't have to do it. take note, yankee candle. but i went home, smelling wonderful and slept like the dead. which was great, cause no dead blonde girls in white pinafores with pink bows around the waists came to bother me. hey, maybe she was tired too?

just so you know, don't ever watch the golden bowl becuase it sucks. and don't watch hearts in atlantis if you're missing someone, cause then it's really sad.

and on that note - it's homework and clean laundry time. woo hoo!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

i dare anyone to listen to "i'm not ok" by my chemical romance and not feel like they're 15 and freaking out. but only listen to the first 1:50, the rest of the song sucks.

on a somewhat related but completely different note, is it wierd that i find gerard way incredibly attractive? it is, isn't it. i thought so.