Sunday, December 31, 2006

it's cause i said no to the cape, isn't it?

not even in the right universe, no less...

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

it's quite possible...

...that listening to regina spektor on repeat was not the smartest thing i ever did. that "fidelity" kilss me every time.

...that answering "turning 27" is the best answer ever to the question of "what're you doing for new year's?" not only is it witty, unique and not able to be used by just anyone, it also hides the fact that i have no idea what i actually am doing.

...that my new suitcase has me almost as excited to travel as i am to arrive at the destination, wherever that may be.

wonderful, wonderful

this really is my favorite time of year. as a wee lass it was all about watching the snow fall from my bedroom window and counting the days until i got to run downstairs at waytooearlyo'clock and open presents, twice! but a steady change has been happening over the last few years. i still love to watch the snow fall, but it's instead from the kitchen or living room. i now open my presents at normalpeopletimeo'clock (much to my mom's chagrin, now that she gets up at 5am) and my favorite part is seeing the looks on other people's faces when they open my gifts. and yeah, i like to open them too. more to see what reminded people of me (pink suede suitcase with black patent leather trim? oh yeah) and to make them smile too. but the most important part is really just spending time with the people you love, and loving the people you can't spend time with. it's about laughing at old jokes and making new memories. teasing your baby sister and realizing she herself has developed quite the rapier wit, all in good fun of course. but really, it's just about getting that warm, fuzzy, "i had a glass of wine feeling," without even having to have a glass of wine, but you do anyways. so, i have to agree, this is the most wonderful time of the year.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

i'm a poet and, well, you know the rest

for you i had to write this ode
because i was feeling like a toad
and you got me out of that mode

i wasn't laughing, i was blue
and it's not a flattering hue
but you stuck with me like glue

you're a great friend, i can't deny
you made me feel better, that's no lie
all it really took was saying, "hi"

so my friend, i say "thank you"
and "i love you too!"
just know i'd always do the same for you

Monday, December 11, 2006

oh, it's out there all right

it's been said that i have a sort of addictive personality. i don't enjoy things, so much as devote all of my spare time to them. lucky for me, i only pick the coolest things to fill my days with.

lately, it's been the x-files. you borrow someone's dvd collection for the better part of a year and eventually the guilt from seeing them on top of your tv every day makes you finally pop them in. and oh my god i love it! i haven't watched an episode since david duchovny left and the T-1000 took his place. but now i'm on season 3 and as a mature adult am fully able to enjoy the brilliance that was chris carter. the scary ones are bloody scary (i still can't watch the ones about lamprey eel man) and the funny ones, well, i don't often laugh out loud at humans on the telly, but i do with these. it's just so damn enjoyable.

and the supporting cast! in the pilot seth green is there! and then in one episode they have both giovanni ribisi (whenever you need a freaky idiot - he's your man) and jack black. and even lil' kaylee from "firefly" is in an episode. i'm sure that finding famous people in small roles happened a lot in other shows from back in the day (ahem, "law & order"), but i didn't watch those shows, so i don't care.

so yeah, i miss the x-files. especially since i'll probably finish season 3 before the weekend. anyone have a copy of season 4 they want to lend me?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

but i don't have an accent!

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the internet is for...

porn. and apparently, instant messenger is too. so yeah, if you got a message from me this afternoon about some hot chick, i'm really sorry. my computer, much like me, is sometimes prone to contracting viruses. unlike me, it gets over them quickly. so if you didn't like the porn, i'm sorry. and if you did, that's too bad cause i'm nipping this habit in the bud before my computer becomes a perv and grows one of those gay-ass johnny-type staches. not that there's anything wrong with that.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

in summary...

open bars are good. taking full advantage of them at the boss' house, not good (from what i saw anyways).

i have a huge crush on daniel craig. it's not bigger than my crush on christian bale, but if he dies i know who's filling his shoes.

mad world by tears for fears is incredibly depressing; in a thoroughly enjoyable way.