Saturday, March 31, 2007

czech it out

i'm so bored that i'm editing a post that i wrote while bored.

wanna read all about my surgery and see some gross pics? then click on this: the nose knows. but i'm warning you - the pics really are gross. and please don't think that if you don't read my "medical blog" that i'll be upset. that would be silly of me. i mostly wrote it for people who are thinking of having the surgery done - not for people who need to be able to look at me without having revolting images pop into their head. :)

but, back to the point. if you are going to read the icky blog, wait a bit. it's in deperate need of editing and fun anecdote adding.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

turtle power?

anyone wanna go see TMNT tomorrow? don't be shy... you know you wanna.

hey there blogger

it's been a while. i woulda posted from hamburg but my parents live in the stoneage (i.e. have dial up) and i can't stand it.

so, the surgery went well. i'll start that new blog and post the full story and yucky pics for those who want to see, but for now i'll give you the synopsis.
  • anesthesia made my throat very sore and my brain become paranoid that everyone would see my bum when i went to the potty.
    • btw, those IV poles are heavy, which is lame.
  • my nose looks normal on the outside, but i have to keep squiriting this gel up it so that it stays moist and heals right, which makes me look and sound like a snot nosed kid. especially since i have to keep snorting it back up and cannot blow my nose for the next 2 weeks.
    • this makes me very sad cause while i feel well enough to hang out, i'm too gross for the public to see me. the upside is that stores let me use their employees only bathroom, probably so i'll just get out of their line of sight.
  • my cat is obsessed with me. she needs to see me, and preferably be touching me, at all times. apparently 5 days is too long for a fuzz ball to be left alone.
  • i miss my parents.

Friday, March 16, 2007

“They’re always after ‘me Lucky Charms!”

i saw a leprechaun today. a real one. in roswell's lobby. he was short, fat, in a green 3-piece suit with a bushy red beard, a mischevious grin, knobby walking stick and pot o' gold. i have to tell you, leprechauns are less short and more fat than general mills would have you believe. i'm convinced he was real because i didn't notice him until i almost ran into him, and no one else seemed to notice him except for one wee little irish dancer. it's like he was one of the underground people from that neil gaiman book and i could see him cause i killed the beast. and i do believe it was the luck o' the irish that helped me find my keys later. either that, or it was the luck o' the italian boss who's capable of reading my mind.

i decided to watch "the departed" tonight to get in the mood for st. patty's day. what an incredible movie. i still don't think leo is cute, but now i respect him as an actor. and marky mark should play an angry guy in movies more often. boston looks like it has some gorgeous neighborhoods that i'd love to visit, but i would always stand out as a tourist. i'm in capable of saying "sawr."

mission: wear green was a success. tomorrow will be the seventh day with no problem. the fact that no one noticed probably means i've unintentionally done this before. next year, i'll remember to kick off on march 1. and learn how to say "sawr."

Monday, March 12, 2007

public service announcement


i was walking home from work, bopping along to the beat in my head, when someone yelled out of their car window "get a perm!"

i found that to be rather peculiar and a tad noteworthy.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


peter martin called me.

hbo isn't working.

my aquarium shrimp crawled out of the tank and died somewhere in my dining room causing an awful stench and i can't find it. i now live in constant fear that someone may want to come upstairs.

i so do not approve.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

decisions, decisions...

i've been trying to figure out what i want to do when i graduate. i'm going to europe, i mean, that's a given. free room and board cannot be passed up in foreign lands. and it'd be nice to see the fam again.

but what after that? i was thinking i would just work, but then i perused the ye ol' royal toybox and thought, "hmm, maybe i should go to law school so i can learn to talk like this and specialize in labor law, a field recently near and dear to my heart. or, i could get my masters in something i'm actually passionate about and remember all the correct, technical terms for when i am faced with great works of art." (honestly, i was already contemplating these two ideas, but couldn't find a good way to segue into them before).

if i could afford to go to school full-time and not work i would. for forever. but, alas, that is not a possibility for me. my guess for the future? i'll work for a while and spend my new found free time in the evenings amassing a greater comic books collection (i barely have any of the robins!) and learning how to swear in foreign languages. my brain needs a rest.

i'm also thinking of starting a new blog so people can read about my septoplasty adventures, if they so choose. mostly i'm doing this to repay the karma. i read some septoplasty blogs and they helped me, so i think i need to return the favor. have i ever mentioned before that i'm afraid of karma? i find it terrifying.

Friday, March 09, 2007

i had no idea!

who knew the prestige was not only a souce of very attractive men but also a source of historical facts! thanks steamjournal!

recently, one of the overly fertile female roswellians in HR spawned a truly beautiful baby boy and gave him an irish name. while the mother is the devil incarnate (only more putrid) the whole thing reminded me of this lovely 4th of july party i went to, oh, like 6 years ago. in addition to drinking daiquries while lounging on a trampoline, this party featured two of the most adorable kids ever - with two of the best names ever. at least, i remembered them being awesome, but i couldn't remember what they were, which was an-NOY-ing. so - i went to the internets which contains a site all about irish baby names! the baby girl was saoirse ("sear-sha") and the little boy was either finnley or cian ("key-in"). i just remember liking it a lot, and it was hard to say when drunk so my money's on cian. and for the record, i still think those are some pretty kick ass names.

also, it turns out that alanna is gaelic, not italian. i know, it shocked me too.

and the last new thing i've learned this week (that's right, i'm refusing to learn anything new until sunday morning): when you're scheduled for surgery you have to have 3 pre-op appts. yes, 3. one with your regular doc, one with the specialist/surgeon, and one with a random doc at the hospital. i find this rather unnerving. how many people does it take to make sure i won't die when i'm placed in a gas-induced coma?! on the plus side, i've already had an MRI for the first time (very cozy, i would have fallen asleep if it wasn't so loud) and i'll get to have an EKG! so, ya know, that's something to look forward to.

and in the interest of gearing up for st. patty's day - i'm going to wear green every day next week. i'm thinking i'll limit it to only grass and kelly green to make it a bit more of an effort.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

oh no he dinnit!

do not even tell me that seyler just cut off all of peter petrelli's adorable comic book hair.

i. will. be. so. mad.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

allow me...

... to sum up the pros and cons of red bull in 4 words: "it keeps you awake."

that's a good thing when you're at work. it's a bad thing when you got home at 1 AM and are still trying to fall asleep at 5 AM.

but at any rate, the party was a good time. everyone had fun (as far as i know). some people loved the catfish, some people hated the catfish, but all in all, i'm happy with it.