Monday, October 29, 2007

200th Edition!

wow, umm, i'd like to thank my friends and family for their love and support all these years and for sticking with me during the not-so-funny times. you guys are da best.

enough of that.

yesterday, i finally figured out saturn's logo. you know, the car company. whose name is saturn? and whose logo is freakin' SATURN. yeah, just got that. i'm the kinda person who gives grad students a bad name.

in addition to figuring out simple 2-D logos, i also figured out why i've been so cranky. it's because there are too many variables in my life. which i knew was the problem, but i like explaining things in math terms. basically, my life is like that scary algebra problem that almost made you fail 8th grade math. there's a w, an x, a y and a z, which is just ridiculous in my opinion. so, i will force the roz to figure out when my last day is (which is an exciting and dynamic and truly interesting story in and of itself) since they apparently are trying to keep me for forever (flattering, but no thanks). then i will give my cousin and the commander noogies until they give me a real answer about whether or not they're going to live with me (i'll worry about what to do if they both say yes later). then i will find an apt and sign a lease. oh, and i'll get a job. and then i'll live in chicago. oh, i almost forgot, somewhere along the way people will respond to my ads on craigslist and buy my stuff so i can buy new shoes at akira.

i love when a good plan comes together.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

not for everyone

so, there i am, sitting in the lovely and historic shea's, watching lewis black. and although i've seen him on tv before, i was struck by how familiar he was. and i couldn't put my finger on it until he got good and worked up and i realized that i used to date that fucker! son of a fuck bitch! and then it became just that much funnier. :)

oh man, i am going to swear like a fuck tomorrow.

oh well.

Monday, October 22, 2007


my landlord and i finally talked. we're both really bad at the "tag, you're it" game. and i feel a ton better. i said i was getting laid off (which is close enough to being true for me to not feel too, too guilty) and he offered to let me not pay rent for a month. i mentioned i may have to relocate to find work, which he sorta expected me to say, and he said he would let me out of the lease.

i knew he was a nice guy and wouldn't be a jerk, but suffice it to say, i am most relieved.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


so, i was at this party, which was kinda lame, which is why i'm now home writing on my blog instead of still at the party, when someone came up to me while i was eating bruschetta and after a moment or two asked if i was eating garlic. nope, that's just the fumes from yesterday and today still wafting off of me.

yesterday has to have been the loveliest dinner party to have ever been had in the history of dinners and parties. not only was the table beautiful and the food delicious, but it was also a bunch of good friends having a great time together, with parachuting stay-puft marshmallow men. by the by, if anyone would like the recipe to the dressing (which i'm really glad you liked!) i'd be happy to share it with you. i'm just not posting it on the web as any randomites who may read this site do not get family heirloom recipes. but it is really easy to make. fo' reals. not chicken parmesan "easy" which requires ziploc bags and sledgehammers, but actually easy. but man, if that chicken parm wasn't good then i don't want to know what good is.

one of my friends competed today to be on a competitive video game team. i think that's awesome. not awesome like i want to do that (not that i could even if i did want to), but awesome that there's an option out there to join a team with other people and do the thing you really like. and people say that video games make people antisocial. as if. so i wonder, is there a competitive "who's the better superhero" team i can join? do people competitively read comics and then argue small details? ("no, fool, he dated silver st. cloud twice!") i doubt it, but i would like to share my dorkery with others.

i'm fairly certain the blush i wear is technically too pink for me, but i don't care, i like it. plus, it matches my costume's pom-poms, which makes it sorta cuter. and i think my new phone will match too. i can't wait to meet it!

is laying on my arms. it's taken approximately 12.7 minutes to type this sentence and correct all the typos. i think this is a sign that it's time for bed.

i'll never be a vampire now

i have consumed so much garlic in the last two days that i don't think my mouth will ever taste minty-fresh again. bummer, but totally worth it.

Friday, October 19, 2007


so, i sorta caused a ruckus. umm, i really only posted the last blog to let you know that i haven't been a spazz without due cause, but maybe i should've just said that? not that i won't tell you, but i really didn't mean to make anyone worried. but, thanks for your concern and sorry to make you concerned - all at the same time!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i like things

take weekends for example. they generally tend to be fairly, if not completely, awesome. you hang out with your friends, play with their cameras - good stuff. and sometimes, you find out that some of the pics you took were pretty cool. and then sometimes, you find out they're really terrible! and have been posted to the interwebs! and no i will not link to it. you want to see all 57469 of me and the curly one's teeth at once, you gotta put some effort in.

but yeah, things i like. i like going to charity events and not actually contributing to the charity. i am a jerk. but, i also like winning things. so i bid in a silent auction for this totally weird (did i spell it right that time?) mirror shaped like a crown with neon lights. my cousin will love christmas this year. and i won a "how to find a new job" package. valued at $500. i was the only bidder for so much less than that. apparently no one in buffalo needs a job. at least not the ones who go to charity events. but, at any rate, i now get to have people write my resume and find jobs for me, or something to that effect. which is sorta like giving a sloth valium. just make it that much easier for me to sit on my ass and put no effort in.

but, perhaps the thing i like most of all, is red baron deep dish single supreme pizzas. and you thought i was going to get all mushy, didn't ya?

Friday, October 12, 2007

oh, the humanity!

so, the humanist decided that watching a bunch of sweaty guys on skates was more fun than drinking with me. as if. but no worries, my aunt is coming with me to the charity thing. and really, she should have been my first choice, seeing as how she always gets me into fun stuff for free.

speaking of family, as my cousin and i got into his car last night after an enjoyable and much overdue evening at 44, he turns to me and says, "your friends are fucking awesome!" the thought that went through my head was, "what, did you think only losers would hang out with me?!" but, instead, i graciously replied with, "you can come hang out anytime you want." so, with that, i hope his bravado and politics didn't offend anyone. at least not anymore than any of us normally offend each other.

and speaking of things that don't really logically flow, i may have had, a mere 23 minutes ago, the funniest reaction ever to almost dying. there i am, standing in the middle of the road after having tipsily followed my quasi-little-sister (thus dubbed many years ago as we're not actually related but i still feel very big-sisterly towards her) there to find that a hummer is barreling down on us. and then a car decided to go in reverse and aim for our cutely-clad tootsies. being too shocked to shout, run or do anything effective, i decided to take my leather gloves and smack the trunk with them. luckily, us and our shoes survived so we piled into abardine (which sounds a lot like one of my favorite nicknames, thus reinforcing our quasi-sisterhood) and safely went on our way.

sometimes, i really amuse myself.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

at least the song finally got out of my head

it takes a dang long time to upload a couple hundred pics to flickr. and i'm well aware that some of them are rather shoddy, but i'm posting them anyway. partly cause i'm too lazy to prescreen, but mostly cause seeing how i tried to take pics of everything and capture every moment reminds me how giddy i was to be there. how elated just to wake up in paris and have a cup of cocoa across the street from notre dame. i was armed with a trusty kodak advantix my first (and for now, still only) time overseas which was sorta nerve-wracking. "what if i don't get a good shot - i won't know 'til it's too late!" so yeah, some of the pics could have been better if i would have immediately seen the results and stepped three feet to the right, but i'm kinda glad that i was forced to take one shot and move on. i don't like to experience in 3 square inches - i prefer it lifesized. especially since then, it doesn't matter if my thumbs are in the way.

i have taken to only watching nbc shows as i can watch them on my 'puter, which works out well as i never set my tv up. my favorite parts of the shows?
heroes - it's so predictable, and still so fulfilling. of course claire falls for the flying man. of course peter makes out with the cute irish lass. i love it.
journeyman - i imagine it's lucius vorenus stuck trying to balance the life of a journalist, family man and "traveler." if only his trust sidekick was with him.
bionic woman - i don't accidentally break the ribs of guys i make out with. i consider that a bonus for everyone.

btw, in the future, when i mention that i'm thinking of changing my hair color, please weigh in with your opinion! remember, it may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a blog community to pick a hair color.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

district of curmudgeons

i really don't like dc. like, not really at all. the whole time i was there i kept thinking, "this would be so much more fun in chicago, or london or nyc, or heck - even in buffalo!" the subways are crap. the people have no personality, the city is sterile and i couldn't find anything remarkable. except for commader keem. it's always fun to party with an old college roomie. especially when you're taking a tour of georgetown u and both of you get mistaken for college kids. that's an ego boost like no other. but, none the less, i'm glad to be home. glad i went too. i clearly needed to vist someplace else since when my plane landed i almost called a duly elected representative of the city of chicago instead of, you know, my friend who lives in the city i was actually visiting. so, there will be pics of dc and tomfoolery, but first you'll have to make do with pics of europe. finally got the film (real film) transferred to cd and on the web. maybe i'll describe the pics in another 5 years.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

happens to the best of us

i think my cat is going through puberty. i base this ridiculous assumption on the fact that her meow just cracked. it was so adorable that it earned her oodles of smooches and a full litter box cleaning - a day ahead of schedule!

Monday, October 01, 2007

priorities, people

i saw michael moore speak saturday night. he was kicking off the distinguished speakers series at UB. and while i am in no position to discuss politics, i will say this: i found mr. moore to very insightful, humorous, impassioned and intelligent. i did not find him to be a raving lunatic, despite what "the buffalo news" had to say about it. and i do feel as though i should become more politically involved. i'm not sure how, but i think i'll start by voting, for a change.

but before i can do that, i really need to figure out what i'm doing with my hair. i know this is going to come as a shock, but i think i'm done with being a redhead. i think it's time to take a cue from the halliwell sisters, and go for the lovely chocolate brown of paige. yeah, i know i don't like chocolate - but it's not like i'm going to eat my hair!