Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i do enjoy a holiday dedicated to the color green, beer and green beer. in honor of this holiday, i wore green to every work day (and some non-work days) during the month of march. only one person noticed. weak.

since i couldn't make it to 44, i went to my favorite chicago pub and had some harp. and i had the best chicken fingers (they call 'em strips out here) that they have out here. in fact, i dare say, they rival jim's. don't believe me? come and visit and i'll show ya. i'm sure as heck not gonna take you to a yucky pizza joint.

oh, and i also learned how to pour a perfect pint of guinness. all in all, pretty productive, i'd say.


Hoffmann said...

Two consecutive posts: I'm on a nut and berry diet; I had chicken fingers and beer. How's the detox going?

Greg said...

Is this thing still on? Is there still a Gabby?