Sunday, December 07, 2014

Metaphorically (and melodramatically) speaking...

So, I finally figured out why unrequited love hurts so much.  Or, at least, why it hurts me so much.  I have no idea how it impacts you, nor would I pretend to know.  But for me, when I finally find someone I want to share my life with it's like my heart grows more love.  Because finding someone else you care about doesn't take away love from anyone else, it just means you now have more of it.  The trouble is that in this analogy you can't keep all that extra love for yourself.  There's only so much room in your chest.  So you take this new, tender caring and show it to the other person and hope they accept it.  

Which obviously didn't happen, because if it had this post would've started much differently.  

So you figuratively (hey, I may be heartsick but I still know how to use literally) hold your heart in your hands and hope with all the strength you have that they'll accept.  And sometimes they don't.  And if you could then just brush the figurative heart off your hands on to your jeans and carry on with your day, that would be great.  But life doesn't work like that.  You now have a piece of your heart that belongs to someone else and you have to force it back inside, where it doesn't fit.

And it hurts.

Oh my, does it hurt.

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